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I'm already thinking of using Forretress, Blissey, Starmie, Metagross, and Nidoking. What would be a good member to complete the team? Please include moves and why it would be a good idea. Thanks!

Dunsparce, because boss and Blizzard+Thunder BoltBeam coverage.
ive heard boltbeam really is good would headbutt and roost be good other moves?
LOL, i was kinda joking, but Dunsparce actually is viable. I'd use Bite, maybe, and Body Slam instead of Headbutt because of the chance to paralyze + Serene Grace.
A pokemon that can learn Sky Drop would be good in double battles.
(But it won't be allowed in Wi-Fi battles)
dunsparce, viable, please :P
Porygon-Z with Zap Cannon and Blizzard > Dunsparce.

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Eh, I'm not the best at the current state of the metagame, since I've been out of practice for quite some time. So take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

My suggestion would be a Garchomp. Earthquake can hit everything now thanks to Gravity. Stone Edge can be used to hit with 100% accuracy, which is always welcome. It can also use 100% accurate Dual Chop or Dragon Rush instead of Dragon Claw, making Garchomp have more options besides Outrage. And since you lack a Scarfer, Garchomp can help you out there. As for the Ice weakness, you have Forretress, Metagross, and Starmie to take Ice type attacks (and Blissey can take Special Ice attacks with ease). Metagross is also able to help out against Scarfed Latios.

Garchomp @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Rough Skin
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Outrage
- Dragon Rush/Dual Chop
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

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Thats a pretty good idea....would dragonite be better?
It's a possibility. However, as I stated in my answer, I feel Garchomp would add to your team as a Scarfer. Your team is currently lacking in Speed. Dragonite would not really patch that up.