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Well there was this old anime episode where team Rocket were going to do it but were interuppted.

Pokemon Biological Question. There has to be a scientist at the Pokemon Trainer School that could answer this. xD
This question is more funny than it should be.
I don't think there will be any major physical changes but more ability changes making Eevee a very Powerful Pokemon. I think it would have the ability to melt into water (Vaporeon), have the blinding speed of Jolteon , and have the incredible power that Flareon possesses.
If there were to be any physical changes I would say that Eevee will gain fins (Vaporeon). It's fur would be able to spike up when angered or threatened(Jolteon). Since it shares a striking resemblance to Flareon I am guessing it would keep it's fluffy tail.
If it were to be named I would call it Elementeon for the simple reason that fire, water and electric power are important factors of the earth making it a true elemental Pokemon
Even though it has the 3 evolution stones I still think it would remain a normal type

But this is just a wild guess.
It would explode
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because  we are all mad scientists here :P

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It's an interesting question, however... one of the stones is going to reach Eevee first resulting in evolution before the other stones can influence it. Unless you somehow find a way to make the electrons (smallest part of an atom) of all three stones touch Eevee at the EXACT same time. If it did happen though, well fire and water makes steam. Now what does steam and electricity make? Not sure, but I assume it would be a strange energy that could be associated with psychic types and thus Espeon would be the result. Unless somebody here knows what happens when you combine steam and electricity?

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Thanks everyone.
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I don't think anyone would know, but as my best guess it will probably turn into one out of Vaporeon, Flareon, or Jolteon at random.

Well OK. Thanks
Of course Eevee is the evolution pokemon, so you might discover an entirely new evolution instead :)
Maybe Dragon Type, Because when eevee Gets fire stone it gains Fire immunity, same for thunder and waerstones, and dragon type resists all that