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How does this weather trick work?

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I found out this trick to remove weather:
You save the game in the grass where you can catch a Pokémon.
You set the clock to one month later.
After that you load the game and then you catch a Pokémon in the area you saved in.
And…Presto! The weather is gone!
This trick works with all the weather you can't use sweet scent with, and it is not permanent and the weather comes back once you capture a Pokémon or leave the area. After that you must do it again.
I use this trick so I can sweet scent. I would like to know how this trick works. I would like to know so because I wouldn't like to do something I don't understand. And please make the explanation as simple as possible.

Thanks! I appreciate your help.

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what weather is gone?
and in what game?
I think it works in all games, but this is black and white. All weather, I believe. I know it works in rain and fog.
oh ok, thanks for the extra info :)
I've made it a bit more clear

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It is very simple, all the season carry different weathers and by setting it to one month later the season changes meaning that the weather the season was carrying has gone. But for example when you are in summer and you switch to autumn the chances are very high that it will be raining.

Seasons with weather effect
- Summer (neutral)
- Spring ( chance of light rain)
- Autumn ( chance of rain)
- Winter ( chances of hail)

However it isn't recommend to change your time in black/white since it may cost some data to be deleted or edited. Also battling Cynthia may become a little harder and she might recite the text she usually recites after battle making her unavailable for battle in some days in Spring

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silly silly jojo...
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Did you find out anything else yet? Because now I believe your answer isn't really correct.