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Just wondering.

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Because he wanted to challenge himself. He found it would be to easy just to use Flamethrower.

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lol Flamethrower isn't STAB xD
The question didn't say STAB it said type advantage xD read first please :P
? Isn't Type advantage stab
No type advantage is a move super effective against the opponent. Example: Dragonite used Flamethrower on Mamoswine. It's super effective! Dragonite's STAB moves ofc would be Dragon and Flying which are neutral to Mamo but are boosted due to being the type that Dragonite is.
Oh. And lol that one person that flagged xD
Det flag lmao I did not flag the comment but I found it funny
Wow thank you this is the first time some one anserd somthing for me!
Lol welcome :)
>.> i didnt flag either <.<
So he is a show off?
LOL, I was the third to flag, just 'cause I feel trollish.
No Dragonite just likes a challenge and lol you guys
Wow guys :c
I thought Iris was a girl... according to the anime... s/he is. http://sprites.pokecheck.org/t/155.gif
Iris is a girl but Dragonite is male. I see your http://pokemondb.net/move/confusion :P
Thank you pokemaster