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EV trained in both defenses. holding a Sitrus berry for Curse recovery

Mean Look- to keep the foe where I want it.

Curse- devastating damage to the foe, who can't switch!

Protect- cold-hearted, cruel, merciless Curse stalling.

And maybe something else.

Dusclops' wicked defenses keep it standing!

Does any body know a healing move that it can learn to help? I'd like that. Rate this from 1-10

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My Dusclop's lay out is the following:

[email protected]
Ability: Pressure
EVs: both defenses
 Nature: Modest (+SpAtk - Atk)

Will-o-Wisp (burn damage every turn on foe)
Hex (double power if foe affected with status condition i.e burn)
Pain Split (level out hp with foe. Great if your hp is a lot lower than the foes)
Disable (disable annoying moves)
I would recommend infestation rather than mean look, essentially the same thing plus more damage.

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Rest is the only recovery move that dusknoir or dusclops has... So you could give him a Chesto berry, but it would only be one time use. If you want. I thought of doing something like this before..but it doesn't work as well in application. He'll take a lot of damage in those two turns, you could accidentally kill yourself with curse. You would have to put an attacking move there, otherwise the foe would just run taunt on you and make him struggle. Or if you put an attacking move, he won't have a chance to use it since he took too much damage from the foe/curse.

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Actually dusclops has pain split
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Try Pain split. It is good if your opponent has less damage than dusklops/noir. I rate it 9.5, you really need a heal move like rest, but you might also want to learn hypnosis for when you use rest & maby switch hypnosis for protect

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Try this:

[email protected] Eviolete
Pressure- EVs: 252 attack 128 def 128 sp. def
-focus punch

This set serves two rolls a mixed wall, a late game sweeper, and a stall, wall and sweeper are self explanatory but for stall, use taunt and disable their other moves from behind a sub, they will be locked into struggle which you are immune to so you can focus punch for days, pair this with a mean look sableye and you can take down any choice or not Pokemon

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Eviolite does not work on Dusclops. it only works on NFE pokes (Not Fully Evolved).
MrK eviolite works on dusclops he have one Evolution dusknoir
oh my gosh.... so sorry that family looks the same to me :P
You could add Calm Mind...
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This is not a healing move, but a damage inflitcing would be smarter. I would say Toxic, but pain split is an good choice too.

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My strategy for Dusclops is this.

[email protected]
EVs: 252 Def / 252 Sp Def / 4 HP
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Relaxed ( + Def - Spd )
-Pain Split ( Get HP from opponents. )
-Will O' Wisp ( For more and more recidual damage. )
-Substitute ( Well what can I say, its substitute. )
-Shadow Sneak ( Walls need to get some good damage on opponents aswell as stall them. )

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Evolite, Pressure, Calm Nature.
Shadow ball
Ev trained Max HP, SpD
It's a good set.

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