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I am trying to put up a RainDance team for my PBR. Omastar is my loyal water type.

Omastar (M)
Ability: Swift Swim
Ev Trained in Speed and Defense
Lax Nature


  • Protect
  • Surf
  • Ice Beam
  • Brine/Rain dance

Should I put Rain Dance in knowing that he has Swift Swim or should I leave Brine?
Ps: This is for double battles, so he can always get rain dance from other Pokemon. (I'm also using Pokemon like Toxicroak and Parasect with Dry Skin)

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Let another set up rain dance, and teach it shell smash and give it a white herb instead.
after googling it i ound out PBR is Battle Revolution... Gen 4
Ya it is xP Sorry if I lacked information
Ampharos Gets Rain Dance and Discharge
*cant learn Grass Knot/Giga Drain, Try Ancient Power, IK that it sucks but STAB
It may suck but my Omastar has really good special attack so it just may work actually!
:) your welcome

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I would get rid of Brine and put Rain Dance in. Even if you decide not to put Rain Dance on, I would still get rid of Brine, because you don't need two Water moves on it, and Surf is more reliable, not to mention hits both your opponents at once. Give it Ancient Power or something instead of Brine for more diversity. Give it Rain Dance if you think you have no one else who is able to set it up well (or want redundancy in case your Rain Dancer gets taken out).

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I think use brine or even a ground move for that electric weakness.
Best use rain dance for toxicroak or parasect as the rain would heal them and boosting your omastar's speed at the same time.

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Thanks! I really think this can work. I forgot Toxicroak could learn Rain Dance