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I was never very interested in having an Eevee in my team until now, I was just wondering, is it worth having on my team?


Sorry if I hurt any of you're feelings Eeveelution. LOL XP

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Eeveelution has no feelings.
Is that true Once? in that case nevermind lol.
Short answer: yeah.

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That depends, do you intend to evolve it? Eevee's strengths lie with its evolutions. By itself it isn't really all that good. Its evolutions are all very good Pokemon, though.

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Don't forget about Extreme Evoboost, which increases Eevee's stats of HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by 2 stages.
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What is your team ;o lol
Anyway Eevee itself is not a great Pokemon but it's later evolutions which aren't called Flareon (Flareon syndrome ;-;) are pretty damn good. So if you want Espeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, Vaporeon etc. something like that, yeah keep eevee

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Flareon's not a bad pokemon, it's just that it's move set is rubbish for its stats. If they gave it Flare Blitz it would be infinitely better. It's probably not going to happen, though.
To answer you're question within a question my current team is

Combusken  Lv.29 (I'm currently training him)
Mild nature

Item: charcoal






Typhlosion Lv.89

Hasty nature




Lava plume

Blast burn

Lugia Lv.51

Lonely nature




Hydro pump


Moltres Lv.50

Jolly nature


Ancient power




Ho-oh Lv.71

Lonely nature


Sacred fire


Ancient power


Gyarados Lv.35

Gentle nature

Aqua tail



Rock smash
I would suggest Leafeon then, as most of your team is wrecked by Rock attacks
Vaporeon is okay... massive hp, good bulk
And this is ingame powerlevelling fixes everything. :D
All of your pokemon except combustion have a double (Gyrados, lugia, typlosion) or quadruple (Ho-oh and moltres) Weakness to rock
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it pretty much depends on all the Pokemon you have in your team, whats missing in your like a sweeper special sweeper or a tank, and the types of Pokemon example you have tree ice Pokemon in your party you could evolve eevee into a flareon or espeon to cover weaknesses

I hope this answwered your question

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The thing is I dont like to get over-complicated with my team it's not that im not a strategic battler it's just that I like to use type advantages so I saw that eevee had many evolutions of all 14 types (15 soon enough) and I just wanted to know how good it would be to have one on my team.
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It woud be a great idea to add an eevee or even an eeveeloution in your team!They have great sp.attack and attack stats and also they have great resistances(see vaporeon and leafeon).Due to its many evolutions eevee can evolve into 7 diffenr Pokemon who have good movepools.Choose what your team needs and evolve it or keep it this way(eevee).If you make the right decision it could be very usefull as Pokemon ,not only in game but you can use them in competitive battles,too.So eevee is a great member for your team.Don't forget to make the right decision.This eevee's future is I your hands.

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