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I was Thinking My Team would Be:

Typhlosion: Dynamicpunch, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Flamethrower

Magneton: Thunder, Thunder Wave, Return, Swagger

Scyther(I Cant Trade): Slash, Swords Dance, Wing Attack, Steel Wing

Tentacruel: Blizzard/Icy Wind(no Ice Beam, which one?), Surf, Giga Drain(late in game), and Acid/Screech

Kadabra(cant trade): Ice Punch, Psychic, Thunder Punch, Recover

Crobat: Fly, Sludge Bomb, Steel Wing, Wing Attack

What Do You Think? Any Moveset or Pokemon Suggestions would help. Thanks:)

I've Decided:
Typhlosion: Strength(maybe Dynamicpunch, we'll see),
Flamethorwer, Thunderpunch, and Earthquake.

Magneton: Return, Swagger, Thunder, and Thunder Wave

Scyther: Return, Swords Dance, Wing Attack, Steel Wing

Tentacruel: Icy Wind, Surf, Giga Drain, and Acid(good chance to lower defense anyway, plus STAB)

Kadabra: Ice Punch, Psychic, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch

Crobat: Sludge Bomb, Steel Wing, Fly, Wing Attack

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Typhlosion is good-flame wheel is a good choice if you want to spam the burn chance. but flamethrower is better for straight power. If you're goint to take a page out of my book and use dynamicpunch, don't teach it to him until you have to battle Karen, until then, stick with quick attack.

magneton-This set is good. Lock on would be a good idea for thunder, in which case zap cannon would also be an alternate for thunder.

Tentacruel-go with Icy wind. When you battle lance, you'll get two shots in a row because it can change speed priority. and if you don't like that, you can always chance it with blizzard. Screech is the better choice for dealing with those annoying spamming gym leaders (they'll potion/full restore, so you can do that to do more damage)

kadabra-good set. maybe throw in reflect.

crobat-good set.

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Typhlosion is good.

Magneton replace Return with Reflect to help with Swagger. Or replace Swagger and Return for Toxic and Reflect.

Tentacruel replace Acid/Screech with Sludge Bomb.

Kadabra replace Ice Punch with Fire Punch.

Scyther replace Slash with Return (you get a lot.)

Crobat give Steel Wing (you get two), Fly, Confuse Ray, Toxic.

Trachy, I Only Get One Sludge Bomb, and its going to Crobat. I Need Ice Punch For Lance help on Kadabra.
And Ill Get Return On Scyther. I Like The Set I have for Crobat as it has Higher Attack than Tentacruel, im also thinking Giga Drain For it, late in the game.