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Ok I have confirmed four of my new team

milotic(ice beam, surf, recover, hypnoisis)

Rhyperior(stone edge, earthquake, megahorn, curse)

Ambipomb(aerial ace, brick break, payback, double hit)

Gengar(energy ball, shadow ball, thunderbolt, psychic)



I would like the last two to be a sweeper and a wall. No ninjask, weavile, floatzel, crobat, lucario, torterra, legendaries, or anything else I hae trained I metioned more on my last question about my team


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A fire type like Houndoom will give your team some more power, while complimenting your teammates types.

You'll probably want a flying type so you can have some ground protection. (Granted, Gengar's levitate does the job too.) I would use something like Dragonite if you want all out power, (since you don't like birds)

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I already trained jolteon so not him
I think I will do dragon dance dragonite with dragon claw, fire punch and waterfall
Changed it for steelix.
I trained him too
3rd time's a charm.