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I now train my team with just 3 Pokemon. Here is them:

Shuckle - (Toxic, rest, bide, swagger) he is a great defend for my team :)
Miltank - (milk drink, roll out, bodyslam, heal bell)
Hitmonchan - (fire punch, ice punch, thunder punch, sky uppercut or mega punch) he can use his moves like ice punch covering dragon type or flying type, fire punch covers grass type and thunder punch covers water and flying type.

if there is any weak point, Please let me know, thanks :)

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I'll keep the pokemon for same if this is what you want to use.

Shuckle-Don't use bide on him. It leaves you wide open to damage, and the foe could just switch to a ghost type and damage you for free. That time could be spend using actual attacks. You could take the defensive side and use protect to stall out the battle while toxic takes effect. His attack power is way too low to do any real damage anyway, so passive damage is the way to go. Encore is a good way to force the foe into repeating a useless move if you have good prediction skills. Just whatever you do, don't run trick room/power swap. IT looks good on paper, but it will kill him instantly.

Miltank-Earthquake would be a good option to replace rollout (which locks you in, so the foe could switch to a steel or fighting type.) Curse is good if you're willing to give up speed, and really put the Tank in Miltank. Zen headbutt is a great way to cover her only weakness:fighting.

Hitmonchan-The punch moves all give diversity, and are powered by his ability...nice. MAch punch is a choice too if you want some priority, which would be useful because of his speed. You could also boost up his speed with agility. If you feel really lucky, you could try to run focus punch, which has high power, STAB, and gets powered up by his ability, but you could use shuckle in a two on two battle to direct attacks to him and use encore while hitmonchan destroys everything with focus punch.

Oh thank you so much about your answer(again) :) it's very useful for me. Maybe I'll try those moves :)