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What is the best moveset for Hitmonlee, and where could I get those moves?


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I assume this is just for in game use, so I haven't added EVs or held item, as neither really matter in game.

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Ability: Limber (there's no choice for that)
- Hi Jump Kick (STAB)
- Earthquake (coverage)
- Return/Rock Tomb (Rock Tomb isn't powerful but it will deal with Flying types, otherwise use Return)
- Toxic/Mind Reade/Foresight (Foresight is the only way to deal with Ghosts, Mind Reader ensures Hi Jump Kick hits, Toxic is if you don't want either move, or give it both Return and Rock Tomb)

Note that without Foresight, Hitmonlee is completely walled by most Ghost Pokemon.

As for where to get these moves: Hi Jump Kick/Foresight/Mind Reader are all learned levelling up. The others are TMs.

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You could also do Brick Break instead of Hi Jump Kick. In Gen 3, Hi Jump Kick only had 85 power, so Brick Break is not much less with 75 power. It is an option if you don't want to risk the crash damage that missing a Hi Jump Kick will give you.
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I would use:

Brick Break - STAB, Good power and accuracy. Learned at level 20. Used over HJK due to the fact that it only has 85 power in gen 3.

Rock Slide - Flying + Bug coverage. Move tutor move, at the end of the Rock Tunnel.

Earthquake - Good coverage with Rock Slide. TM 26, Viridian City Gym.

Return/Double-Edge/Toxic/Bulk Up - Neutral coverage/Status/Stat Boosts. TM 27, Route 12/Move tutor at end of Victory Road/TM 6, Fushia City Gym/TM 8, Silph Co. 7F.

I forgot Rock Slide was a Move Tutor move - its much better than Rock Tomb :)