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I just want to know why it is banned. Please help me! Thank you! :)

Edit: PokemonEpisodes.com said it was banned, so I thought it was banned.

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I am not sure that this is a banned episode as it cannot be found on google and this page:http://www.serebii.net/anime/banned.shtml
I don't think this is banned...

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There is no reason behind it being “banned”. It is a season recap of the events that have happened so far this season that was never translated into English. It never aired on English television. This makes is an unseen episode for the dubbed fans.

URR and Valet are right, it isn't banned, just never aired on English TV because it was never translated. Nothing wrong with the episode.


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This isn't a banned episode. If it was, serebii.net would have it listed. http://serebii.net/anime/banned.shtml

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I don't think that episode exists. because episode 516 is Tag! We're It...!
Also you can't find it here Serebii or here Wikipedia or here The Pokemon Wiki and if it exists it isn't banned.