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stats wise move wise and all that stuff which is better
siglyiph or xatu?
please do not hide this I need to know!

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guys as you all obviously dont want to tell me i have decided siglyiph thanks for not helping :)
Lol thanks for waiting not even an hour??
This doesn't go on the Battle Subway. These pokemon are perfectly comparable and so long as the answer is backed up by a solid arguement, this is perfectly fine.
as it says its urgent i dont have an hour to wait
which fits better into your team?
It's not urgent. I mean seriously if you can't wait even 10 minutes then just decide yourself.
u dont know what i mean -.- :(
what do you mean
Normally I love answering these questions but cba. I'll answer it tomorrow if it's still relevant.

2 Answers

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If you are playing competitively, they both have different niches in today's metagame. Sigilyph is a troll with Cosmic Power, Wonder Guard, and Psycho Shift, while Xatu can bounce hazards back. It really depends on what you need and what fits your team better.

If you are playing in-game, you will obviously want Sigilyph as Xatu's special attack and speed are less. Plus, Sigilyph has better defenses and HP, and I personally like it's movepool better.

Hope I helped! :)

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I recommended you to use sigilyph. Because he got better stats. As you know he has 80 Defense and 80 SP.Defense (Enough Defenses), has 97 Speed (Enough fast), has decent Hp (72 HP), has High SP.attack (103) but, weak attack (only 58 but, you didn't need high attacks cuz' he got special attacks). If you wanna search some of his movesets, just search on this PokemomDB

Hope this is helpful.