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*Poliwrath ((water absorb)) (waterfall)(earthquake)(ice punch)(brick break)

*Snorlax ((immunity)) (rest)(sleep talk)(metronome)(surf)

my tag team partner was (sh7atoap)

*scizor (night slash)(x scissor)(iron head)(swords dance)

*hitmonchan (drain punch)(fire punch)(ice punch)(thunderpunch)

**P.S: I know surf is bad for Snorlax but I am a water-type fan

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Poliwrath's moveset is good
but snorlax use this (earthquake-surf-zen headbutt-rest) and give it a chesto berry to wake it up

Note: if you change your mind about surf you should use Body slam

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Switch poliwrath's hydro pump for waterfall and snorlax should ditch metronome and surf for return and earthquake.

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