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I've been Looking all Over for One, I want to evolve my Poliwhirl Before I fight Lance, If there is a Place I can get it pre-E4 that would be great, if there isn't a place to get it pre-E4 can you supply a gameshark/gamegenie code? i've tried a few but they haven't worked.


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>Go to Bills Grandpa's house which is where Bill lived in Red,Blue,Yellow (the route above Ceruleom City).
Then show him a staryu and you will get a water stone.

Bleh cheatcodes:
Change Item in 1st Slot:
011886d8 (Water stone :D)

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cough pre-E4 cough cough
nope the code failed T.T
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Uh . . . he said BEFORE LANCE.

Here's another way to get a water stone before Lance.

On Route 42 after you beat Fisherman Tully, get his phone number and if your lucky he'll give you a water stone.

Then use it on Poliwhirl and then you'll have a powerful Water/Fighting type at your disposal.

Hope I helped! :)

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