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Me and my brother are doing mono-type battles. Unfortunately for him, besides the Pokemon that he actually uses on his team, he hasn't cared enough to give his Pokemon good movesets. Our first battle will be mono-dark. Here are his Pokemon and their moves. Don't suggest improvements for movesets (comment on them in the question if you want.) Just choose six Pokemon.

Umbreon: Toxic, Moonlight, Taunt, Snatch

Migtyena: Fire Fang, Crunch, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang

Absol: Psycho Cut, Slash, Night Slash, Shadow Claw

Darkrai: Dark Void, Thunderbolt, Dream Eater, Nightmare

Houndoom: Howl, Roar, Flamethrower, Crunch

Sableye: Foresight, Dig, Mean Look, Shadow Ball

Honchkrow: Torment, Dark Pulse, Sky Attack, Taunt

Weavile: Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Metal Claw, Icy Wind

Tyranitar: Surf, Earthquake, Thunder Fang, Dragon Claw

Shiftry: Whirlwind, Icy Wind, Extrasensory, Razor Leaf

Sharpedo: Poison Jab, Aqua Jet, Crunch, Earthquake

Cacturne: Needle Arm, Sandstorm, Destiny Bond, Cotton Spore

Crawdaunt: Vicegrip, Guillotine, Harden, Crabhammer

Skuntank: Flamethrower, Explosion, Fire Blast, Poison Gas

Spiritomb: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Will-o-wisp, Ominus Wind

Drapion: Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang

Here's a tip, base your answers more on movesets.

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Umbreon-A nice moveset, allowing him to force attacks and prevent taunt on himself, so that's good, combine that with toxic, and Umbreon's good to go.

Sharpedo-While not the best dark type by any means, he's probably got one of the best movesets of all these pokemon.

Absol-I'm surprised nobody mentioned this one in depth. I would suggest switching shadow claw with something since it's not needed due to night slash....maybe swords dance, but that's only my suggestion.

honchkrow-while his moveset isn't the best, a flying type is still good for getting that oh so important ground immunity. Anything with a bit of weight to it can learn earthquake in the pokemon world.

Drapion-Who says you have to stick to the old toxic spikes set? type diversity of the elemental fangs would balance your team out quite a bit.

Darkrai-If legendaries are fair game, then go with him. His set is based off of making the foe sleep. SO if you make them sleep, the foe will probably switch out, making a troublesome pokemon sit the match out until the end, when it will be a sitting duck for darkrai.

Must...not...correct...Houndoom set!!!

I know, Houndoom should use Nasty Plot. I just don't have it at a high enough level.
Ah...if you can get him at that level, definitely use houndoom.
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Id do tyranitar spirittomb weavile umbreon cacturne and absol that team will have great defense and attack with tyranitar and speed from umbreon weavile absol and then spiritomb well hes basically weak to nothing.

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I think this is a good team

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I'd choose Tyranitar, Darkrai, Spiritomb, Houndoom. Weaville and Sharpedo. This would give you an offensive team with good speed with Darkrai and Weaville.

Wow same as me! these were answered as I made mine.
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Spiritomb: Defenses. Your fallback option. You can use him to stall, wall, or scout (add Protect), Until you come up with a plan. The opponent will be too frustrated to think ahead, while you move a step ahead. Don't bother with the Sleep strategy. You can't burn the opponent if you do that. Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Will-o'-wisp, and Calm Mind are good.

Houndoom: Balanced. Your multi-purpose attacker. Has decent defense too, and can handle most situations quite well. Replace Howl with Nasty Plot, Crunch with Dark Pulse, and Roar with anything. Roar is bad.

Sharpedo/Weavile: Sweeper. Fast with Good attack, they're both good sweepers. You even have two weakness covered on Sharpedo. But, ev trained in speed, Sharpedo won't need Aqua Jet. Weavile should have either Dark Pulse, or Night Slash, not both. Metal Claw is ok, but a stronger rock-covering move would be better.

Drapion: Balanced. The Fangs are good, but Cross Poison is better than Poison Fang. A Scope Lens is always good with the ability Sniper too.

Darkrai: you HAVE to! Your Special Sweeper.

Tyranitar: Your tank. Can take down most opponents. Good coverage moveset wise too, But STAB Stone Edge or Rock Slide is better than Dragon Claw.

Read question a bit better please.
Sorry, improvements are good though.
I felt they were required. Clearly your brother needs a little help.
He makes good movesets, he just doesn't feel like taking the time to get them for all but his best Pokemon (Meganium, Aggron, Vaporeon, Mismagius, Persian, Gallade).
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I`d go spiritomb, tyranitar, umbreon, absol, shiftry and darkrai.

If spritomb faints, use darkrais dark void, tranitar and umbreon are all-arounders and shiftry has unique type.

absol for its psychic moves.

I was thinking sabeleye but foresight is... a bit weak.
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Tyranitar mighteyena shiftry absol sharpedo and drapion are an extremely good combination because tyranitar is the tank?guns with mightyena and sharpedo and shiftry speed absol for his abiilities and the fact that it adds style as it is a minor legendary and drapion for status effects and type.