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He just wants me to get them out of the way. Same as before. However, he won't be allowed to use his Aggron (and I can't use Tyranitar.)

Sudowoodu: Wood Hammer, Double-Edge, Stone Edge, Earthquake

Regirock: Earthquake, Superpower, Explosion, Rock Slide

Rampardos: Headbutt, Head Smash, Surf, Iron Head

Golem: Rollout, Earthquake, Explosion, Giga Impact

Omastar: Stone Edge, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Rollout

Kabutops: Night Slash, Slash, X-Scissor, Giga Drain

Aerodactyl: Dragon Claw, Iron Head, Fire Blast, Supersonic

Tyranitar: Same as in Dark team question.

Lunatone: Earthquake, Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Blizzard

Solrock: Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Overheat, Explsion

Cradily: Acid, Energy Ball, Constrict, Wring Out

Armaldo: X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Slash, Water Gun

Bastiodon: Metal Burst, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Endure

Probopass: Magnet Bomb, Rock Slide, Earth Power, Lock-On

Shuckle: Power Trick, Strength, Knock Off, Rollout

Magcargo: Recover, Sleep Talk, Lava Plume, Ember

Corsola: Recover, Calm Mind, Power Gem, Nature Power

Relicanth: Head Smash, Hydro Pump, Rest, Dive

Rhyperior: Megahorn, Rock Wrecker, Horn Drill, Earthquake


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Just a suggestion for a team:

Kabutops-A fast rock type pokemon is pretty rare, and a bit of speed can always help out in battles. He is pretty versatile in weather based terrain, whether (no pun intended) he is getting a defense boost from sandstorm, or doubled speed in the rain (the rest of his team probably won't like the rain since it's mono rock though) This one even has X-scissor to cover his big grass weakness But he can ditch slash for waterfall or aqua tail. That will make him even stronger, and waterfall doesn't take much effort to teach him.

Tyranitar-Needed for his power. Any mono rock team would benefit from this guy. He can hold his own with raw power, while supporting the rest of the team with his handy dandy sand stream ability.

Aerodactyl-one good speedster deserves another. Two to be safe is good for lat in the battle when your tank pokemon run low on health.(though supersonic could be better...and fire blast being special...)

Armaldo-A balance of speed and power, Armaldo is a good pokemon, with pretty good typing. Plus his moveset covers a good amount of types. but NO on the water gun...Change that with a quick TM like stone edge, earthquake, rock polish...it all works well.

sudowoodo-Taking advantage of that rock head is a good idea. plus other moves to deal with other types. nice..

regirock-if legendaries are fair game, definitely use this guy. His massive physical defense will make him a foil to any plan.

Probopass-a great wall/staller to slow the battle a bit and give the foe plenty of trouble. His attacking stats are too pitiful...toxic/protect would be good...Plus magnet pull could screw over a mono steel team.

Honorable mentions: Rampardos and Rhyperior...Neither of them can really function at their full power without trick room.

I know you said just the pokemon, but I suggested ones that don't require much work, like teaching Kabutops Waterfall.

I'd say this is my choice regardless if he makes changes to the sets. I tried to base the teams of the movesets, but  that's easier said than done.
Let's see what he thinks. I think this looks good.
Good answer, but trachy asks me to wait for Swampert. Sudowoodu was a Pokemon I used for quite a bit on my main team. Hopefully, I can beat his team (he says he is using Regirock, Aerodactyl, Omastar, Rampardos, Rhyperior and Shuckle.)
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Heres what id go with:
Tyranitar: Obvious.

Aeradactly: Speed AND Power:)

Kabutops: Speed, power, dfense:)

Cradily: Nice Balance, teach it Toxic, and Swagger, and ur good.

Regirock: Obvious Legend.

Sudowoodo: Coverage, Decent Pokemon.

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Suduwodo - Rock head = prevents recoil damage= Double edge
Golem - Rock head = Double edge =

Omastar - Swift swim = Rain dance +
Armaldo - Battle armor = all around
Rampardos - Mold breaker -
Schuckles -Sturdy - Gyro ball= who's the slowest??

Focus on physical attack, avoid special attack like hyperbeam.

Used gyro ball, as most rock type is slow.
"protect", no matter how slow, protect well goes first.
"Body slam" to paralys opponent or anything that slows the opponent.
"used ice punch or ice fang"

*revenge or counter would be nice!

Tyranitar - Sand stream, (but useless if both of you are using rock type )
Regirock - Dont like legends