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My Empoleon in Platinum is using Surf, ice beam, brine and metal claw. Modest nature (Level 47, attack 118 and special attack 157)

I want to remove "brine" with "drill peck" but I already have flying type Pokemon so what moves should I use?? (except flying type move) and "metal claw" with "flash cannon". Is this a good moveset? please recommend me please? :)

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After you switch brine and metal claw. that would be a good in game moveset.but if you're looking for a competitive battling moveset you should use
(agility-surf-ice beam-grass knot)

Thanks a lot. :D grass knot, agility 2 more options for me to choose. >.< so confuse
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Ice Beam
Drill Peck
Flash Cannon

choose whatever you want

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Maybe I will choose Flash cannon but not dig, if I would choose Ground move, I will choose Earthquake.

anyway thanks for your answer :)
Yeah, mistake happennedX))
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I would choose a stronger water move like Hydro Pump.