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I want to get an Eevee that knows Wish, which is only avaliable by breeding. My Togekiss will relearn Wish and I will breed them together. Will the baby Eevee actually know Wish, or will I have to chain breed?


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No, but you can breed male Togekiss with female Skitty for male Skitty, then breed that one with Female Jolteon to get Wish-Eevee. IT´S THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE WISH-EEVEE!!!

And, Togekiss CANNOT realearn Wish. The only chance is evolve Wish-Togetic and then breed them.

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there is another and easier method too getting wish Eevee than what DD said.

  1. get a male Smeargle
  2. teach him wish by sketching it in a double battle
  3. breed with Female eevee
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Wish must be chain bred onto Eevee or it's evolutions first and second of all togekiss and jolteon aren't in the same egg group try breeding jolteon with skitty or delcatty