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I need some good move sets for him that focus on offense and some strategy like rain dish aqua ring protect leftovers.

that and some atacks or somthing like that.

I checked on smogon first this time...

the set you mention seems like more of a defensive blastoise
If you want an offensive set, then Aqua Ring isn't a good move.

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There isn't really a good offensive blastoise. Them main niche for blastoise is a bulky spinner. His special attack isn't good enough to be affective. If you STILL want one..........fine.

Blastoise: 252 spec.Atk, 252 Spe, 4 S.Def @ life orb /choice specs /choice scarf
Modest Nature
-Hydro Pump/surf ( nothing too much is going on here just the basic accuracy or power.)
-Icebeam ( this gives him coverage on grass - types plus nail flygons too.)
-Rapid Spin (defensive or not, its nice to have blastoise's niche in the slot)
-focus blast /HP grass ( honestly a filler. His special moveset is awfully restricted. Focust blast's coverage is a little redundant but its brute force is nice. HP grass makes sure its not helpless against bulky waters like Milotic.)

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If you want a pure offensive blastoise

-Hydro Pump/Surf
-Ice Beam/Blizzard
-Focus Blast
-Signal Beam

-Waterfall/Aqua Tail
-Ice Punch
-Zen Headbutt

Its attack and special attack are pretty close(85 S.att, 83 attack) so you can do either. If you plan on using in double battle, teach him hydro cannon and pair him with a bulky partner that knows roar. The same turn you have blastoise use hydro cannon, have its partner use roar on blastoise, that way blastoise is switched out after using hydro cannon and it wont hae to recharge.

Double battle strategy seems like a waste. You end up using one 150 base power attack. Why not use Surf and then hit hard with another attack instead?
With surf you have to be carefull with who your partners are, hydro pump is too inaccurate, and waterfall has almost half the base power hydro cannon does. This gives you a good chance at a 1HKO, especially in the rain, and it works well when other members of the team know hydro cannon counter parts like blast burn, frenzy plant, hyper beam and giga impact so you can keep hitting with big moves and retreating. But I guess the main thing about it is that it is unexpected, if it become too common people will be prepared to defend against it.