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I caught one in a premier ball :3 Feelin sad? ~Taffy


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0.5979695431 and rounded 0.6%

So according to my calculations there is a 0.6% chance of catching a wild Zapdos with a premier ball

This is for a Zapdos that would have a totally max HP stat at lv.50. If you give the HP of your Zapdos at lv.50, I can give you the precise percentage of the chances you had :)

Ok, now that I have your Zapdos' HP, the calculations are as followed:



0.5974683..., rounded 0.6

As you can see the chance remains 0.6% :)

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i'll tell ya after I catch this darned mewtwo...
lololololol, ok xD
omg I caught mewtwo with a love ball! anyways its total hp is 158 and it had two pixels of health idunno what that is tho
lol, congrats
And I will get calculating
so.. i could have not harmed it the entire time and still get the same outcome... FUUUUUU
Well not exactly. The only main reason why both have the same outcome would be because of the similar difference between the Max HP and the one it would have if it had 2 pixels of HP left. The Max HP of a Pokemon strongly affects the chances of catching it as it will diminish or increase the chance of catching a Pokemon. Catching a Zapdos at Max health with a Poke'Ball would only render you a 0.4% chance of catching it, however when you weaken it to a 2 pixel HP, this would become 0.6%
However if calculations were to bring it over 1, you would be guaranteed to catch it. However this is only to be done with a Masterball, Critical Catch(Gen V) or a lot of luck :)
I cought a cobalion full health with a luxary ball and I almost screemed!