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Ugh... every single pokemon... in the Pokémon Universe?

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To the best of my knowledge every single Pokemon has been featured in the Anime (or just had a an appearance). So that means 649 =)
48 Fire type Pokemon
97 Normal type Pokemon
41 Fighting type Pokemon
109 Water type Pokemon
84 Flying type Pokemon
74 Grass type Pokemon
57 Poison type Pokemon
39 Electric type Pokemon
59 Ground type Pokemon
67 Psychic type Pokemon
47 Rock type Pokemon
31 Ice type Pokemon
63 Bug type Pokemon
29 Dragon type Pokemon
27 Ghost type Pokemon
39 Dark type Pokemon
38 Steel type Pokemon

Note that these will not add up due to dual typings and stuff :3

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Every Pokemon has been seen in the anime, except for only five Pokemon. However, these five Pokemon are only forms.

However, these Pokemon are Unown !, Unown ?, Burmy Sandy Cloak, Burmy Trash Cloak and Deerling Winter Form.

There are some Pokemon that may not have appeared in any episodes, but in movies only.

It's also interesting to note that the Porygon Evolutionary Line has never had a major appearance in the anime, and probably never will due to the infamous 'Electric Soldier Porygon' episode that put thousands of Japanese children in hospital.

Hope I helped. :)

EDIT: You know, I can't be bothered finding this. You can just use this link to help you. Since basically any Pokemon appears in the anime, you can just click on a type and see how many Pokemon exist of that type (i.e. appear in the anime)

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