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I already have a Sceptile, Charizard, and Feraligatr. Which other Pokemon would be best for the rest of my team? It would also be helpful if you could recommend moves for my Pokemon and the recommended ones.

Which Gen is this?
its's soulsilver (tag).. so gen IV
You have my 3 favorite pokemon on your team.

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Because you have two weaknesses to electric attacks, a ground type like Nidoking would be pretty handy. And a fighting type like Machamp to cover Sceptiles ice weakness, aswell as a lot of other types would be pretty nice too. For the last poke I suggest an electric type like Magnezone to cover Sceptiles flying weakness, but if you put Ice Beam on Feraligatr, you will not need the electric type, so a dark type like Umbreon would probably prove to be more useful, but it is your choice.

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thanks, Lappos