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Ice Punch is a good one.

Thanks, it's a commonly used pokemon.

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Dat crappy movepool. Special Attack isn't even really usable, but whatever. =/

I would do:

Item: Leftovers


Curse: Boosts stats and make it hard to take down.

Earthquake: STAB, and it's Earthquake, why not?

AncientPower: Gets pseudo-EdgeQuake, and has a chance to raise stats.

Return/Dynamic Punch/Sludge Bomb/Toxic: Well, there aren't many options. Return scores fantastic neutral coverage, while Dynamic Punch can still be good for coverage and power if you don't mind the shaky accuracy. Sludge Bomb can be used to hit Grass types. Toxic can just be filler to slowly eat away at the enemy's health.


Surf: STAB and good power + accuracy.

Ice Beam: Coverage and good power. Hits Grass and Dragon types Surf can't hit.

Earthquake: STAB, again, it's Earthquake, 100 BP 100 Accuracy. What's not to like?

Return/Dynamic Punch/Toxic: These are explained above.

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Where did he Insult you? and Seeing as Quagsire is More of a Physichal Pokémon his Moves Benefit it more Than A STAB Would.
It isn't mandatory. And I wasn't insulting, I didn't see your answer when I posted this. @[email protected]
Movepool =/= Moveset

*faceferroseed* lol jk it's no big deal :]
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Quagasire @ Leftovers

  • Belly Drum
  • Hidden Power Rock
  • Earthquake
  • Rest

Use Belly Drum to max attack stat. Rest when low hp. Earthquake all Pokemon exept flying Pokemon. Hidden Power Rock deals with flying Pokemon.

How does it learn Belly Drum in gen II?
By a prior evolution.
He gets Belly Drum from an event.