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I've used a water stone twice already where you are supposed to and nothing's happened. Can someone give me VERY specific instructions on where to stand, what to do, etc.?

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Well, if you are in the chamber you must select use for the Water Stone, which you seem to be doing. Are you using a ROM perhaps?

Well, I'm kind of a huge noob at this, so I don't know what a ROM is... 8)
Trachy means, are you playing the legitimate game on the DS? If you are playing an illegal PC hack then they don't always work like they should.
ROMs are NOT illegal if they are rom-hacks. I should know, I play them all the time. Also, ROMs are a fast and easy way for people who can't afford the game to play it. I don't own White 2, but I have a ROM of it. It's SO much easier than paying for the game. Plus you can't get it stolen! Its data is stored safely on the computer, ready to play at any time. It's even better if you have a Flash-Cart. then you can LOTS of ROMs!
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There are four different chambers with different instructions (e.g. "Light" means use Flash) so make sure you definitely have the right one.

Also, make sure you are stood right in front of the wall. Go to your items, find Water Stone and press "Use".