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I read 2 guides on how to spot fakes but they were contradictory to one another. So what is the real way to spot fakes?


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How To Spot A Fake Pokemon GBA Game

With all the games on the market, its hard to know which ones are real. Especially GameBoy Advance games. For example, Pokemon games for GameBoy Advance are heavily counter fitted. Joe Blo at the swap meet may be selling Pokemon Emerald for $5, while another guy is selling them for $10. Sometimes, the $5 one is fake, and the $10 one is real. The counter fitter expects people to go with him because they're cheaper, but people may not realize they're getting a fake game. This guide will teach you some pretty easy methods of spotting a fake, and will save you a lot of time debating who's selling the real one.

To saw the guide, click this link

Hope this answer helping you.

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If you already read the link before answering the question, is meaning I'm sorry, since you don't tell me if you already read it or not.
I read that one before I asked the question
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Basically, any game that isn't on this link is a fake :3
Pokemon Flora Sky, Pokemon Shiny Silver, they are all fake games. As in made by a Pokemon fan or a person wishing to create a new game.