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Here's a Doubles Uber team I use on the Shoddy servers from time to time.

RAYQUAZA: Opens with Salamence for Weather negation and Wallbreaking. Cover each other well, and are perfect counters for both Groudon and Kyogre. It packs Outrage, Extremespeed, Thunderbolt, and Crunch. Mainly used to negate weather, and counter Mewtwo, Deoxys, and Kyogre.

SALAMENCE: Opens up with Rayquaza, and helps to Wallbreak. His immense attacking stats and good Speed help him make a good lead. His moveset is Draco Meteor, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, and Stone Edge. Mainly used as a wallbreaker, and to counter Dialga, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Groudon, and Palkia.

GIRATINA-A: Makes an incredible wall for your team. It's the main supporter and crippler. It will be used in conunction with Deoxys-D to make efficient switches. Its moveset is Will-O-Wisp, Thunder Wave, Shadow Claw , and Dragon Claw.

DEOXYS-D: The defensive switch-in can take almost any attack, and is made as a Stall. It's immense bulk and fair speed may even let you outrun a few major threats with the right EV investment! It's packing Recover, Toxic, Psycho Boost, and Brick Break (For a good counter to mid-game variations of Darkrai and Dialga).

LUGIA: Your team's offensive Dual Screener! It's quite a wonder. Its typing blocks out some annoying attacks (Earthquake, Focus Blast, Solarbeam), and its job is to set up dual screens, and sweep afterwards! Carry Light Screen and Reflect (Make sure it's holding Light Clay!), along with two attacking moves.

Want my opinion? I for one, put on Dragon pulse / Rush and Waterfall / Surf. Obviously, this is for neutral coverage. If you want to take a stall approach, equip it with Toxic and Recover, like with Deoxys-D.

HEATRAN: Noticed quite a few dragons on the team, right? Here's your answer! Heatran may be very vulnerable to Earthquake, but with the right switches, it can come in safely and counter anything carrying an Ice or Dragon move. On my Heatran, I've got Heat Wave, Flash Cannon, Earth Power, And Dragon Pulse.

I'm not one for recklessness, but put a Choice Scarf on Heatran. The extra Speed is what it needs to switch in, take a hit, and retaliate with a strong attack, or cripple it to slow down the opponent's sweep.

Wait, where can you do double-battles on Shoddy?
SALAMENCE is not a legendary