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hey I am just wonderin if someone could tell me all the types and their weaknesses to other types. for example::::: fire weak to water and water weak to grass and grass weak to fire kinda like that, I would be verryy helpful


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Ok, so here is a list :)

  • Water weak to: Grass, Electric
  • Grass weak to: Bug, flying, Poison, Fire, Ice
  • Fire weak to: Water, Ground, Rock
  • Electric weak to: Ground
  • Dragon weak to: Dragon, Ice
  • Ice weak to: Fighting, Rock, Fire, Steel
  • Steel weak to: Ground, Fighting, Fire
  • Ground weak to: Grass, Water, Ice
  • Rock weak to: Grass, Steel, Water, Fighting, Ground
  • Psychic weak to: Ghost, Dark, Bug
  • Ghost weak to: Ghost, Dark
  • Dark weak to: Bug, Fighting
  • Bug weak to: Fire, Flying, Rock
  • Normal weak to: Fighting
  • Fighting weak to: psychic, Flying
  • Flying weak to: Electric, Rock, Ice
  • Poison weak to: Ground Psychic
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thanx jojo it helped heaps :)
You are welcome candy :)
I realise that this question is a few hours old now, but there are several mistakes in it. Ice is weak to Steel. Rock is not weak to Ice, but it is weak to Steel.