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I randomly happened to catch a shiny Kadabra in Cerulean Cave in my Leaf Green version. It was caught at level 58. Can I get all of the EV's that Kadabra can get? I'm no expert when it comes to EV's.


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Yes it can. EVs can be obtained at any level, and a Pokemon has the maximum of 510 (or 508 useful EVs).These 510 EVs can be fully obtained even when training at level 100 (in Gen IV or V, I think the older generations didn't let that happen).

So what level of Pokémon would be logical to fight so that Kadabra would be level 100 around the time I have a full amount of EV's?
My knowledge of post-game training in Gen III is sketchy. http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/6963/t449213-ev-training-locations/ - this lists some EV training spots, though they're mostly low levelled Pokemon. I suggest fight these first to max out sp. atk and speed EVs, then fight whatever strong Pokemon you can find in Leaf Green. Getting a Luck Egg helps too.