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Ash became a trainer when he was 10 so, does that mean that the kids are 10 too? because the guys from the original Black and White look like they're 13.

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Red and all the other player characters prior to Gen V are 11 years old. However, the player characters for Black and White are older than that, although it is never stated how old they are. It is unknown if the player characters for Black 2 and White 2 are the same age as the player characters in Black and White or if they are 11 like the rest.

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Red is 11? Det awkward moment...
are you fully grown in Ranger?
HG/SS felt like they were thirteen-fourteenish, and in gen 5 they were between 16 and 14, in my opinion.
Source: Just look at their sprites...
Id've said in Gen V they were 12/13
That or the female is a flat chested 16 year old.
*Facepalm* I forgot about puberty and all that $#*!.........
Yeah, 14 at most then
What about those preschoolers battling you? Must be pretty stupid to be 10 yrs old and be in preschool.
Ya, but not everyone's the same age.
There are also old mans