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So I have a new team and it has a Weavile, Steelix, and a Charizard. So what would be best for the rest of my team?

And if you want to know the game look at the tags.
The game is in the title ._.
Does nobody have any suggestions!!!!

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I can only assume that this team is in building process now that you have reached the Kanto region seeing as you have a Charizard and you stated new team. So the first Pokemon I would recommend should be a Pokemon that functions in many ways and that has it's weaknesses covered


Swampert is a very excellent Pokemon with a relatively outstanding movepool. With both a nice Attack as well as a special attack stat it will be firing of moves very well both special as physical making it worth the wile teaching it the 2 variants(in-game). The main reason I am suggesting it is because of it's typing as seeing that you have quite the Fire and Water weakness for now. Not that this is such a dramatic case especially in-game, but with a Swampert you will be able to switch in and out with more ease.

How to obtain

It can be obtained quite easily though. The only thing that is required from you is to beat Red at Mt.Silver and go to the Silph.Co building in Saffron City and chose the blue stone. Then Steven will give it to you


Vileplume is a much better Pokemon then it looks. With both a decent special attack stat and special defense, it can work extraordinairy well in-game. Also noticeable it it's rather impressive movepool. Full of status and some nice recovery/attacking moves such as Giga Drain, SolarBeam, Sludge Bomb. Seeing as Swampert is neutral to Water, Vileplume can turn that neutrality into a resistance. Besides that, I see no harm in a little extra bulk in your team :)

How to obtain

It can be caught as an Oddish in the following places: Route 5, Route 6, Route 24, Route 25, Ilex Forest, Safari Zone

Then you must evolve it into Gloom at lv.21 and from the use the Leaf Stone to get Vileplume

It can be caught as a gloom in the following places: Route 5, Route 6, Route 47, Route 48
Safari Zone


To finish off, I would say an odd type such as Ghost or Psychic will compliment your team very well. Mainly because of their diverse movepool that enables them to have access to a plethora of powerful moves. The reason I suggested the Pokemon above is because they are very similar and learn similar movepools. However the Gastly evolution line gets to learn electric type attack as well so I would personally go with them for this team. If you have someone to trade with I would say the best thing to do is to trade over Haunter to a friend and trade it back. Then you have your Gengar. Same goes for kadabra/ However don't be discouraged by this as both Haunter and Kadabra are very powerful Pokemon as well

How to obtain

  • Kadabra-Alakazam
    Abra can be caught in the following routes: Route 5, Route 6, Route 8, Route 24, Route 25, Route 34, Route 35
    Safari Zone

It evolves into Kadabra at lv.16

  • Haunter/Gengar
    Gastly can be caught in the following routes: Sprout Tower, Bell Tower
    Safari Zone

It evolves into Haunter at lv.25