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Usually for in game Fire Red I usually use Heracross, Electabuzz, and Nidoking on my team for the reason in order to sweep all the trainers I run into even gym battles. So my question is are these 3 on a team in game a good match up, do they belong as sweepers or are they supposed to be used differently, and if they are not as good as other Pokemon in the game who should I replace them with and why?

Some pokémons are good sweepers in gen 3: heracross (4 attacking moves or endure-revesal-bulk up-rock slide), kingdra( attract-surf-ice beam-dragon breath), alakazam(3 element punches-psychic), houndoom ( crunch-flame thrower-sunny day-solar beam)... Electabuzz is not a good choice because its ATK is low, while its SP.ATK is only used for electric moves. Manectric may be better. Nidoking is also not very good in the role of sweeper with its low speed.
You may consider about some status sweepers: dusclop (protect-toxic- wil-o-wisp - seismic toss), venosaur ( toxic-leech seed- rest - protect), blissey (toxic-double team - refresh - sob boilder)

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I would easily say Heracross, but you can obtain it only at the later stage of the game. Same with the case of Electabuzz. So left out would be Nidoking. Nidoking can learn a variety of moves and can be obtained as a nidoran at lvl 5-7 only! So Nidoking is preferred.

Nidoking @ Soft Sand

  • Dig (TM) --> Earthquake (TM)
  • Thunderbolt (TM)
  • Shadow Ball (TM)
  • Surf (HM) / Horn Drill / Flamethrower (TM)

Replace this for your extra Electric / Fire / Ghost type or give it surf if you don't want to waste a slot for HMs in your water type... It depends upon your team.