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I know I'm kinda using a cheap move here, but I kinda wanna get back into BW. But I simply don't have to time to EV train and such.
I'm currently using an app on iOS called "Pokecreator" that uses the GTS and DNS settings. It works but I can't get Unovas without paying, and I'd have to connect and reconnect to the ingame GTS to get multiple Pokemon.
Now thing is, I need a fairly reliable "Pokemon creator" type of thing that can work fairly well on mobile and is free in the form of anything.
I know of the risks so I don't want a lecture on the tiny chance I'll break my game.

Does it have to be mobile?
I don't have any real access to a computer at the moment so yes. Evem a website is fine.

Put the primary code on your dns settings to
Doesn't work mobile. I've tried before.
I've used pokegts for a while on mobile and it works
It never worked for me...
I used to have mine on mobile.... but the free  version didn't let you get generation 5 pokemon

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Pokegts.us I tried it on a ipad and it works! in fact if you change the dns you will get a free random Pokemon