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No because that's not the trading system for X and Y

Furthermore, a new app called PokéTransporter will be released for 3DS. When you have any generation 5 game (Black/White/Black 2/White 2) in your 3DS, the PokéTransporter app will allow you to migrate the Pokémon off the cartridge and in to the Pokémon Bank. Then, back on Pokémon X&Y you can download them from the bank into your game!

Quote from DB article on the Pokebank/Poketransfer

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Yus KS, thats what it said
People need to realize that you don't just GET things free....that's all I can say.  You just cant have everything you want given to you.
i thought you didnt have to buy pokemon bank in order to use the poketransporter app
I got the youtube app for free
The trial for pokebank and poke transfer is for a month (free)! But the rest of the time is paid. About $5.