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No because that's not the trading system for X and Y

Furthermore, a new app called PokéTransporter will be released for 3DS. When you have any generation 5 game (Black/White/Black 2/White 2) in your 3DS, the PokéTransporter app will allow you to migrate the Pokémon off the cartridge and in to the Pokémon Bank. Then, back on Pokémon X&Y you can download them from the bank into your game!

Quote from DB article on the Pokebank/Poketransfer

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Yeah I know that but I don't want to have to pay for it is their any other way possible to send them without pokemon bank.
"No because that's not the trading system for X and Y."

Sorry but no. Though there is a free trial from the game release to sometime January.
OK then so how do I get the free trial do I just go to the e shop and buy it or is their a twist.
I believe so. Just get it from the eshop it'll probably say a message about a free trial and whatnot and it's yours from there.
OK thankyou
So you only need one 3DS?
Yus KS, thats what it said
People need to realize that you don't just GET things free....that's all I can say.  You just cant have everything you want given to you.
i thought you didnt have to buy pokemon bank in order to use the poketransporter app
I got the youtube app for free
The trial for pokebank and poke transfer is for a month (free)! But the rest of the time is paid. About $5.