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I don't intend to evolve it into Sunflora.

EV's-252 sp.Atk-252 Defense-4 sp.Def
Ability-Solar Power
Moves-Endeavor-Ingrain-Leech Seed-Giga Drain
Item-Big Root

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None of you would last in the real world. Saying that sort of stuff is cruelty to the Sunkern franchise. ;~;
If Sunkern is a franchise,  I ain't buyin'!
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Sound like a Puerto Rican New Yorker. I live in New York,  so I know.
Sunkern haters are damned by Arceus.

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Well, I'll give this a try lol if you are going to use Sunkern (trolling or not) try putting it in a Trick Room team with some support from the sun. Slap a Choice Specs on that thing with Solar Power, spam Solar Beam and see what happens. Modest nature 252 SpA and the rest doesn't really matter. Good luck

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Give it a focus sash, and use Endeavour. Assuming the opponent attacks, Sunkern will probably be taken down to its sash. Since Sunkern will almost certainly be slower it will then use Endeavour and take them down to 1HP as well.

Of course this is incredibly gimmicky, and is stopped by a lot of things - Burn, Poison, Sandstorm, Hail, Sun (because of Solar Power), multi-hit moves, entry hazards etc. You get the idea - anything that will make the Focus Sash useless will make this strategy useless, and you will have a dead Sunkern incredibly quickly.