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Hello !

I play Pokemon White 2 and often enter Rental Master PWT Tournament, in attempt to get Legendary Pokemon for the choice.

It is possible to use Legendary Pokemon: http://serebii.net/black2white2/pwt/rentalmaster.shtml

There is Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in the list.

Here is my question:

Is my game bugged ? I never see any of these, nor Lati-Twins or what else. I also never see starter Pokemon like Venusaur.

Is this normal ?

Extremely bad luck.
Injustice ... :(
I never do either :P Maybe only in Japanese games?
Maybe ...
no you can never get legendary on rental master, I played for 2 days with all the non-legendary available and confidently confirm it.

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You can't get any legendaries in the rental tournament. They probably
don't have any legendaries they can give you.
This has a list of all Pokemon you can obtain.

Sorry for the mix-up on the answers.

Hope this helps.

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Why don't you just link us there directly?
I know the others won't use, I'm talking about the Rental Tournament where you use Pokemon that aren't yours.
no , he's asking about rental master, not normal rental tournament.