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As you can already tell I have traded with Lt. Surge already, and I just learned about the Masuda Method (it never really interested me until now) so, would my strategy work?

you can breed any pokemon together and you will get a shiny EVENTUALLY. I don't know if the Masuda Method comes into play in this case, though.
You will get a shiny eventually. It will take a lot of breeding though.

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Yeah like Red & MM said, you will always get a shiny eventually.
Anyway in regards to using the Masuda method;
>If both Pokémon are foreign to the cartridge but are both from the same country, then the Masuda method will not take effect. Foreign language Pokémon obtained via in-game trades, such as the Meister's Foppa and Lt. Surge's Volty, are treated as being from the same country as the game they were generated in, so they cannot be bred with another Pokémon from the same country for the Masuda method. In Generation IV, if the Masuda method is in effect, so both parents come from different countries, the Everstone will fail to increase the chance of passing on a nature.


Masuda method will not affect breeding with LT Surge's 'French' Pikachu.