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So If I were to find all of the treasures in the Abyssal Ruins in Black 2, then sold the treasures off to the Billionaire Maniac how much would I earn? If I did the same thing yet sold the goods to a Pokecentre or Pokemon Market, how much would that earn, and what would be the difference between the 2 amounts?


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I'm pretty sure any relic items cannot be sold at the Pokemon Centre or Pokemon Market, they can only be sold to maniacs. But of course, all the relic items in total will sell at a very high price:
7 relic gold - 70000 (pokedollers)
6 relic silver - 30000
6 relic copper - 6000
3 relic statues - 600000
4 relic vases - 200000
5 relic bands - 500000
1 relic crown - 300000
total - 1706000

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In Abbysial Ruins, you find items that you can find no where else in any game. (Except the plates). You cand find a series of rare Relic Items to sell to the Maniac who lives in the Villa west of town. You can also find Arceus plates there, which change its types according to the plate. The Relic Items can be sold for unspeakable prices and are a great way to make fast money in the game. If you were to get every single Relic Item, the price would total to 1,706,000 PokeDollars.