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-sigh- if only Pokemon can learn more than 4 moves :(


my choices for the moveset are:

  1. aura sphere
    air slash
    light screen

  2. aura sphere
    air slash
    ancient power

  3. aura sphere
    air slash
    light screen
    ancient power

i really cant choose between the 3!~ help me please :(

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Togekiss is a strange Pokemon. It has very nice tanky stats as well as great special attack. The thing is, its speed leaves more to be desired (edit), and is its main weakness. Togekiss can nine times out of ten survive a supereffective attack from a UU tier Pokemon at full health. And this is why many people who use Togekiss tend to get Thunderwave on it. This allows you to slow down the enemy so you will be attacking first, add that to the effect on air slash, and your ability serene grace, you can prevent them from attacking at all, because there is a 60% chance they will flinch and a 25% chance they will be paralyzed. This is my suggestion to you.

Aura Sphere/ Hyper Voice (Good coverage or strong STAB attack)

Airslash (The core of your move set)

Thunder Wave (The other major part of your moveset)

Roost/Aura Sphere/Hyper Voice/HP Ice (Roost is a great move for sustaining your health, however if you do get it, it will allow the enemy a 75% chance to attack (assuming theyre paralyzed) which you dont really want. This should only be used for a tankier build. Then the other moves are just for more coverage)

Make sure you hold leftovers, the sustain will help because you will get free health each turn as they are unable to move.

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I wouldn't exactly call its speed "abyssmal"...
fully-evolved pokemon with 'abysmal' speed are things like Shuckle or Escavalier. Togekiss has lower speed than many things in UU, but it is still hardly 'abysmal'.
No, not abyssmal Jaja, ABYSMAL! x3 Soz, I just needed to say that. xD
its Abyss mal x3
ok i changed it to "leaves more to be desired"
yawn is bad for togekiss(question mark)
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You could do ParaFlinchKiss wich is a set I lava, OR you could try this;

Togekiss @ Life Orb
Trait: Hustle / Serene Grace
EVs: 252 Sp.Atk / 252 Spd or HP / Sp.Def
- Air Slash
- Aura Sphere
- Thunder Wave / Hyper Voice / Hidden Power Dark
- Nasty Plot

Nasty Plot is the Key Move here for obvious reasons :3 If you choose T-Wave then You can Do Paraflinch Set but packing the Extra Punch with Nasty Plot boost.

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why would you give it Atk Evs when you have no moves that scale with attack?
cuz i'm stupid :3 *Sp.Atk ty for pointing that out