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someone was talking about a secret Pokemon in Pokemon x/y. Does anyone no what they were talking about?


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It has been announced on the official site that during the airing of
the special episode, Pokémon The Origin tomorrow, there is to be
various bits of Pokémon X & Y information. It's currently unclear what
information will be provided, whether or not there will be anything
new. We'll provide any and all information that is revealed as it
happens so be sure to keep checking back

On Tuesday Serebii mentioned that a new Pokemon might be revealed but later hid that post and replaced it with the one I quoted above. Yesterday that secret Pokemon was revealed

enter image description here

Mega Charizard X. Though not exactly a new Pokemon, it is a new Mega form for Charizard that is exclusive to X, though I am not sure if you were aware of this

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oh yeah I was aware of mega charizard x and I like him more than mega y, but I did`nt here anything about that badger thing. i`ll need to look into that thing, but thanks anyway :)
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I removed the badger thing, that is 100% fake.
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