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So I was wondering what type combos haven't been used yet in all 5 gens and the Pokemon announced for gen 6.

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A bit out of date. The ones that have since been introduced are:

Normal/Electric (Helioptile)
Dark/Psychic (Inkay)
Fire/Normal (Litleo)
Steel/Ghost (Honedge)
Rock/Ice (Amaura)
Rock/Dragon (Tyrunt)
Ghost/ Grass (Pumpkaboo)

Oh right, and all Fairy combinations that currently exist.

Fairy/ Normal (Jigglypuff)
Fairy/ Psychic (Gardevoir)
Fairy/ Water (Marill)
Fairy/ Electric (Dedenne)
Fairy/ Steel (Mawile)
Fairy/ Rock (Carbink)

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I'd kill for a Dragon/Bug type. And we were so close with Yanmega. D:
I thought we were closer with Flygon, considering that it's in the Bug egg group. :O
Flygon kinda more acceptable imo, but it still should have Bug > Ground, agreed.
There was no excuse with Yanmega though. Yet it just ended up as another Bug/Flying type; as if we don't have enough of those. >.>
A useable Bug/Ground type would be so nice... and yea, but I think GF feels the need to introduce a Bug/Flying every gen apart from V. Butterfree, Ledian, Beautifly, Yanmega, Vespiqueen, Vivilloin...
Oorotto isn't confirmed to be Ghost/Grass?
yes but it does have a name :3
What about Pumpkaboo? ((Ghostgrass)
This was answered before Pumpkaboo and Phantump were officially released.