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(Phys. tank)rhyperior earthquake, stone edge, megahorn, curse

(S.tank)milotic recover, surf, ice beam, hypnosis

(sweeper)ambipomb double hit, brick break, payback, aerial ace

(sweeper)dragonite, dragon dance, dragon claw, fire punch, waterfall

(sweeper)Gengar shadow ball, energy ball, psychic, T-bolt


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A fire type would do you some good. It would clear the field of any grass types that could kill of Milotic and Rhyperior, and deal with those ice users that are out to get your Dragonite. Your pokemon gets coverage from the thunderbolt Gengar, as well as Milotic taking care of rock and ground types. Charizard would do well if you're not afraid of stealth rock, Infernape is good for mixed sweeping power and versatility, Typhlosion is good for pure fire type access moves, like Eruption and Lava Plume, and Houndoom can compliment the team well, but he seems a bit redundant, seeing as you already have Gengar, and Hounoom supplies the power of darkness. Arcanine is good if you want physical and priority power.

Sorry I do not have access to non-sinnoh starters
Houndoom is probably the best option then.
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You should use a spiritomb with these moves:

Curse - Gets rid of high HP each turn
Shadow Ball - If Gengar goes, you still have shadow ball - it also gets stronger since it can lower sp.def and the move is special itself.
Double Team - keep using this and opponents will never hit.
Dark Pulse - I chose this because cynthias spiritomb keeps using it (it somtimes knocks me out too!)

Using both shadow ball and dark pulse is usless they both cover the same thing and I belive double team is banned from competetive play