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I gave my Gligar a Razor Fang and trained it to the next level, but it will not evolve. I set my DS time to 22:00 in military time (10:00 p.m I think). I leveled it up again, yet it still refuses to evolve. What am I doing wrong?

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Looking at what you did, it should be evolving. However, 1 of 2 things may be preventing its evolution.

  • Manually changing the time: Pokemon games are notorious for screwing you over when you want to cheat the system and just skip to a certain day/time of day. The best thing to do so you can revert this back to normal is switching your DS's internal clock back to the correct time, then waiting 24 hours til you try to Evolve Gligar (e.g. If you change it back at 4 pm to the correct time, you gotta wait until 4pm of the next day for your internal clock to be "fixed")

  • Glitch: if the first probable solution does not work, it's probably safe to say your game is glitched. So you can either:
    1. Get another Gligar and see if it evolves.
    2. Trade Gligar to someone and see if they can help you evolve it.
    3. Find a Gliscor for trade.

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Sometimes messing with your DS clock can result in game play changes. I would leave your DS for a day and try again, since after your DS adjusts to the time change, game play should return to normal.

If this is Gen V, your DS is in October and the game itself should be in summer, which means "night" is shorter (goes from about 10pm to 4am). And yea, 22:00 is 10pm.

Issues like this will arise if your Gligar is hacked/ illegitimately obtained.

Also, just double check that Gligar is holding Razor Fang and not Claw; it's an easy enough mistake.

If your using a 3ds, set the time around 11:20 and disconnect from the internet, then go to your game and level the gligar holding the razor fang.