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i need to choose out of delphox/chesnaught/greninja and charizard/venusaur/blastoise.
and I can't choose

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to be honest it depends what kind of pokemon with what strengths your looking for
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Well, there is never a "strongest" Pokémon but stats wise, the starter Pokémon are all equal in power standing at a total stat calculation of 530.

For the Kanto starters, Charizard has the highest total stat calculation at 534, closely followed by Blastoise at 530 and Venusaur at 525.

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They all have strength/weaknesses to balance them out. I would pick different types to cover each other. charizard is the fastest of the originals, and has fly which gets stab in game it's relatively useful since opponents don't switch. bulbasaur had sleep powder, but other than that I didn't really like it's slowness, and weaknesses. I'm going with blastoise though for stab surf, and he can cover his grass weakness with ice beam, electric still a problem though.

I'm going with delphox I just found it gets dream eater, and hypnosis which are great ingame and for catching others. I don't really know about the new ones yet, but i'll trade after breeding some babies.

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Charizard can't learn fly...
It can. Look it up if you don't believe me.