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So My Vivillon is the same gender as the Gym Leader's, but different color. Is this because it has different forms? Or because its shiny? I don't recall stars and I don't think my previous Pokemon (Spewpa and Scatterbug) so its probably the former.

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can you show us a picture?

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Sorry, you're out of luck. Vivllon has different forms based on what country you live in.

Here's a picture of some of the variations:


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So if you are in the US and in a state other than Ohio, Maine, Virginia, or California you are out of luck?
I am in Idaho and I got the High Plains
So, what about if you live in Australia? I just got Pokémon X, and I live in Australia.
Virgina= Modern
I'm in PEI and I got Polar
What about the east coast, like NY or PA
Which one for UK? I didn't see it there.
Oh, just saw it. Sorry!
I have the modern one
I got high plains!
Fraxure, I believe the form is called lake, if I recall.