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I can't decide which Pokemon to use in X. Right now on my team, I have Pikachu, Skiddo, Pancham, Squirtle, and Braxien/Combusken. Thanks :D

You already have a Fighting type in Pancham, so why don't you go with Delphox?
we dunno delphox's full movepool i think ;-;

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If you already have Pancham, use Delphox. Pancham and Delphox give each other some pretty good coverage, since Pancham will be x4 weak to Fairy when it evolves but it'll have a x1/4 dark resistance, a x1/2 ghost resistance along with a Rock resistance. Blaziken doesn't have a Fairy resistance because of its typing, and is also weak to Flying, like both Pancham and Skiddo.

Even though we don't know the full moveset, the important moves that Delphox learns are Psychic and Flamethrower anyway, which is really what it needs.

Delphox moveset

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I say delphox since it gets hypnosis which is better when you are facing a stronger poke or trying to catch. it also learns dreameater which is really good in game, psychic, psyshock, and flamethrower with good special to back it all up.