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  • Please include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with a specified set of moves. Abilities, natures, items and especially EVs are helpful but not a necessity.

  • Be mindful that players may not be able to get certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity or a trade evolution. If you'd like to suggest one of these, be sure to mention alternative/s.

  • Please also be considerate that many players have particular rule-sets for teams, such as to disallow overpowered legendary Pokemon or keep the starter on the team. You're welcome to suggest otherwise, but again it is kind to mention other options.

  • Please provide ample explanation.

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I would have a Goodra too, And level it all the way up in pokemon Amie because when I fought the champion it said goodra survived the moonblast and was at 1 hp and then came another moonblast it did its animation and it said it survived it again. I was like glitch! :)
i would put  xerneas in or if your looking for a Pokemon witch is not a legendary i would go for a thunderus or landourus
All Arceus

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Here are a few things you should know before looking at my team:
☆I don't like legendary Pokemon for my perma-team (and I'm sure you don't, too)
☆I only choose 5 Pokemon 'cuz my 6th will either be an HM-slave, or the Pokemon I'm raising when fighting the E4
☆I don't use Pokemon who can only be acquired through trading with other players
☆I try to include all HMs
☆I try to cover all types

I chose Fennekin as my starter, 'cuz my brother already chose Frog Ninja and, SPOILERS, I hear you can get Shauna's starter in-game (which is Chespin, in this case). Since Fire-type is my favorite type, I also thought having a Fire-Psychic starter would be awesome (if you don't mind the fact that Delphox looks like a female even though mine is male).

Delphox w/ Amulet Coin
Type: Fire | Psychic
Ability: Blaze
Shadow Ball
Solar Beam / Grass Knot

I have a tendency to give the Amulet Coin to my starter Pokemon in every game. Delphox is a offense-focused Pokemon with very high Sp. Atk and Speed. Flamethrower and Psychic are both strong STAB moves, so it's a no-brainer. Shadow Ball is a great choice, since Delphox has very high Sp. Atk. Solar Beam / Grass Knot is for type coverage and a way to fight the common Water, Ground, and Rock types. I use Solar Beam 'cuz of its high damage and, since this is an in-game team only, the 1st turn won't bother me that much 'cuz I almost always have higher-leveled Pokemon than AI trainers.

In-game location: Starter Pokemon

Weak to: Ground | Rock | Ghost | Water | Dark
Resistant to: Fighting | Steel | Fire | Grass | Psychic | Ice | Fairy
Immune to: None

I chose Lucario because this is actually the first time I had the chance to include Lucario in my permanent party, and so I wanted to try him out, and because Fighting-Steel seemed like a great type matchup. Plus he looks really cool~

Lucario w/ Poison Barb
Type: Fighting | Steel
Ability: Inner Focus
Aura Sphere
Flash Cannon
Dark Pulse
Poison Jab

I gave him Poison Barb to strengthen his Poison Jab since his Attack is not as high as his Sp. Atk. Lucario is also an offensive-type Pokemon. He has very high Sp. Atk and Attack, and has good Speed. I did not give him Lucarionite because I personally try not to use Mega Evolution as much as possible, but that's up to you. Aura Sphere and Flash Cannon are strong STAB moves, but since Flash Cannon isn't available until post-E4, you could use Metal Claw or Dig (up to you). Dark Pulse and Poison Jab are for type coverage.

In-game location: Route 22 (Riolu)

Weak to: Fighting | Ground | Fire
Resistant to: Normal | Rock | Bug | Steel | Grass | Ice | Dragon | Dark
Immune to: Poison

I chose Sylveon because I wanted to have an Eeveelution in my party, and because I really needed a Fairy-type Pokemon (or at lease a Fairy-type move, which no one in this party can learn, sadly).

Sylveon w/ Quick Claw
Type: Fairy
Ability: Cute Charm
Last Resort / Giga Impact
Light Screen / Rest

I gave him Quick Claw because Sylveon has very low Speed. Sylveon is my defensive Pokemon. He has very high HP and Sp. Def, and has a very high Sp. Atk than Attack. Moonblast is a very strong STAB move. Light Screen and Reflect are for higher Sp. Def and Defense for my party, but since Sylveon has a high enough Sp. Def, you could use Rest or Draining Kiss instead of Light Screen for HP Recovery. Last Resort / Giga Impact are for strong damage, but you may also use Hyper Beam or Shadow Ball instead if you prefer Special attacks.

In-game Location: Route 10 (Eevee)

Weak to: Poison | Steel
Resistant to: Fighting | Bug | Dark
Immune to: Dragon

I chose Lapras because the nostalgia is real!!! Lapras has been one of my fave Pokemon ever since I've played LeafGreen (my very first Pokemon game). Lorelei's Lapras with its Thunder scared the heck out of me~~~

Lapras w/ Magnet
Type: Water | Ice
Ability: Water Absorb
Ice Beam

I made Lapras hold a Magnet because Thunderbolt is the only non-STAB move he has. Lapras is a bit of a tank Pokemon, with his very high HP. He has low Speed, and the others stats are average. Surf and Waterfall are HMs, which is used for outside of battle, and has decent damage. You have a choice of either using Surf for enemies with higher Defense since Surf is a Special move, or Waterfall for enemies with higher Sp. Def since Waterfall is a Physical move. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt are great moves for type coverage.

In-game Location: Given to you in Route 12

Weak to: Fighting | Rock | Grass | Electric
Resistant to: Ice
Immune to: Water (Water Absorb)

I chose Dragonite because I always leave a spot for Flying-Dragon types in my perma-team and Dragonite has been my most favorite Pokemon ever since I've laid my eyes on him. Given the chance, I always put a Dragonite in my party. And he has really decent stats, too.

Dragonite w/ Leftovers
Type: Dragon | Flying
Ability: Inner Focus
Rock Slide / Stone Edge

I gave him Leftovers, because I honestly don't know what else to give him. I guess you could give him an item that increases the power of his moves. Dragonite is a Pokemon with balanced stats, with a main focus on Attack. Dragon-type Pokemon are almost always a good choice because of their resistance against the very common Starter types (Fire, Water, and Grass). Outrage is a strong Dragon-type move, and I just can't imagine a Dragonite without it. Fly is an HM for moving from town to town, and has decent damage. Rock Slide / Stone Edge and Earthquake are strong moves for type coverage. You can either choose Rock Slide with good damage and decent accuracy, or Stone Edge with higher damage, but less accuracy and PP. Your choice~

In-game Location: Route 21 (Good Rod for Dratini, Super Rod for Dragonair)

Weak to: Rock | Ice | Dragon | Fairy
Resistant to: Fighting | Bug | Fire | Water | Grass
Immune to: Ground

My 6th Pokemon is always either an HM-slave, or a Pokemon I'm raising. This game's HM-slave iiiis drum rolls DIGGERSBY!!! applause I mean, really, why do people get Bidoof when you could have a Zigzagoon or Bunnelby with a Pickup ability?

Diggersby w/ no item
Type: Normal | Ground
Ability: Pickup
Rock Smash

No item for him because of his ability, Pickup (Pickup is life). Diggersby has fugly stats, but it doesn't really matter. Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash are very important HMs to have when exploring (although Rock Smash isn't an HM anymore, but you get the point). Dig is very useful for escaping caves, and it's also a STAB move with decent damage in case you get into a situation in which you need to use him in battle. I mainly use him as a meat shield for reviving someone else.

In-game Location: Routes 2, 3, 5, and 22 (Bunnelby)

Weak to: Fighting | Water | Grass | Ice (does it matter?)
Resistant to: Poison | Rock (pretty sure it doesn't...)
Immune to: Ghost | Electric (nope, doesn't matter...)

Note: From early to mid-game, before I had Lapras, Eevee, and Dratini, I used Wartortle / Azumarill, Raichu, and Pidgeotto as replacements.

True fact: I also usually give my starter an amulet coin. That's a coincidence.
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This team is with Froakie as your starter in X.

Greninja @ Mystic Water

Ability: Torrent
- Ice Beam (Coverage)
- Extrasensory/Dark Pulse (Coverage/STAB)
- Double Team (Just to be annoying)
- Hydro Pump/Surf (depending on you, both brilliant STAB)

Lucario @ Lucarionite or Black Belt

Ability: Steadfast
- Close Combat/Flash Cannon (STAB)
- Swords Dance (Just to give some kick)
- Aura Sphere (Reliable hard hitting STAB)
- Bone Rush (Coverage)

Charizard @ Charizardite X or Charcoal

Ability: Blaze
- Flamethrower (STAB)
- Dragon Claw (STAB)
- Inferno (STAB with Burns)
- Fly (STAB and HM)

Aegislash @ King's Rock

Ability: Stance Change
- King's Shield (To switch stances)
- Swords Dance (Extra boost)
- Iron Head (STAB)
- Shadow Claw (STAB)

Malamar @ Black Glasses

Ability: Contrary
- Night Slash (STAB)
- Superpower (Coverage)
- Psycho Cut (STAB)
- Topsy-Turvy (Helpful)

Dragonite @ Oran Berry (honestly you can give this pseudo whatever you like)

Ability: Inner Focus
- Dragon Dance (Extra boost)
- Dragon Claw (STAB)
- Fly (STAB/HM)
- Thunderbolt (Coverage)

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My team for Pokemon X:

Greninja: Speedy special attacker.
Surf: Water STAB.
Dark Pulse: Dark Stab.
Acrobatics: Cover for Grass and Fighting type weakness.
Ice Beam: For the Dragons. Can be switched to Sludge Bomb for countering Fairies.

Charizard (Mega Charizard X): Mixed sweeper
Flamethrower: Assured Fire STAB.
Dragon Claw: Dragon STAB after mega evolution.
Fly: Because it is the Flying type.
Steel Wing or Earthquake: Countering Fairies (Steel Wing)/Assured power (Earthquake).

Gardevoir (Mega Gardevoir): Special attacker.
Psychic: Psychic STAB.
Moonblast: Fairy STAB.
Energy Ball: coverage.
Shadow Ball: coverage.

Garchomp (Mega Garchomp): Physical attacker.
Earthquake: Standard 'Chomp
Dragon Claw: Standard 'Chomp
Poison Jab: For Fairies.
Brick Break: For Ice types.

Aegislash: Mixed tank and can sweep.
Sacred Sword: Helps against Dark types.
Shadow Sneak: Priority, STAB.
Iron Head: Your savior against Fairies.
King's Shield: To activate Stance Change.

The sixth one can be either of the following:
Ampharos (Mega Ampharos against the Water Elite Four): Bulky special sweeper.
Thunderbolt: Assured STAB.
Cotton Guard: To make you unkillable against Earthquake.
Power Gem: Coverage against Ice types.
Dragon Pulse: STAB, hits hard on everything, excluding Fairies.

Jolteon: Speedy special attacker.
Thunderbolt or Volt Switch: Assured STAB.
Shadow Ball: Only good coverage that Jolteon gets.
Echoed Voice: Worked for me.
Strength: Useless HM that needs to be put somewhere.

Megas can be switched based on the opponent you are battling in game.

Also, you can try Lucario in place of Aegislash and Haxorus in place of Garchomp.

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So I enjoy coming up with Pokemon teams, especially teams themed after a certain type or ability/move(s),and Pokemon to fully go with them, but I've been making really good-- but strange teams that are still good but with odd Pokemon you probably wouldn't think about teaming together. This team though, isn't as "weird" as most teams I specialize in. So while Im replaying X heres my ideal team (All Pokemon I collect that is worth keeping I send to my oras so I can keep restarting X)

Vivillon [Bug/Flying] w/silver powder
-Bug Buzz
-Draining Kiss

Haxorus [Dragon] w/kings rock
-Poison Jab
-Dragon Claw
-Shadow Claw

Medicham [Fighting/Psychic] w/Medichamite (beat one match in Battle resort then report to sycamore, have him update mega ring, then head to laverre city to the well :D)
-Shadow Ball
-Power-Up Punch
-High Jump Kick

Rhyperior {Ground/Rock] w/soft sand (trade rhydon with the protector item equipped)
-Hammer Arm
-Rock Tomb

Cryogonal [Ice] w/leftovers
-Posion Jab/ Toxic (either could substitute here. I use poison jab)
-Ice Beam

Now for my favourite
Bisharp [Dark/Steel] w/metal coat
-Iron Head/ Metal Claw (ive used em both at some point. Currently using Metal claw for its attack boost)
-Night Slash
-Rock Tomb

That's All Folks
I hope you find this helpful :D

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This is an in-game team for Chespin/Quilladin/Chestnaught. The others are coming soon.

Chestnaught @ Rocky Helmet

Ability: Overgrow
-Spiky Shield (Makes opponent take damage with no risk)
-Power-Up Punch (STAB, Attack Boost)
-Hammer Arm (Get Heart Scale and go to move relearner to get access before 7th gym)
-Seed Bomb (Stab, High Power)

Blastoise @ Blastoisinite

Ability: Torrent
-Surf (HM, STAB)
-Flash Cannon (Another tutor move, get another heart scale)
-Head Smash (Massive 130 Power)
-Ice Beam (Coverage)

Gardevoir @ Pixie Plate

Ability: Trace
-Dazzling Gleam (STAB, Valerie will give the TM to you)
-Moonblast (STAB, Powerful, if you want to get it early go to move relearner, otherwise wait until Level 62)
-Thunderbolt (Coverage, get TM from Clemont)
-Psychic (STAB, Hard Hitting)

Scolipede @ Poison Barb

Ability: Poison Point
-Venoshock (STAB, good with ability, pick up TM on Route 6 or wait until level 28)
-Rock Tomb (Coverage, Lowers speed, Pick up TM from Grant)
-Poison Jab (STAB, more poison chance, 80 Base Power, grab TM from Shalour City Poke Mart)
-Steamroller (STAB, Flinch Chance)

Aegislash @ Leftovers

Ability: Stance Change
-Iron Head (STAB, Yet another tutor move, farm heart scales from Luvdisc on Route 8)
-Night Slash (Coverage, Good Base Power)
-King's Shield (Attack Lowering, Protection)
-Shadow Sneak (Priority, STAB)

Garchomp @ Soft Sand

Ability: Sand Veil
-Crunch (80 Base Power, Chance to lower Sp. Def)
-Earthquake (STAB, Pick up TM on Route 22, right before the league)
-Dragon Claw (STAB, 80 Base Power)
-Flamethrower (Coverage, Good for when it Mega Evolves, grab TM from Hex Maniac in Anistar City)

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This team is based around Greninja.

-Ice Beam
-Night Slash

Greninja has an amazing movepool and insane coverage against it's weaknesses apart from electric.
Super Train it towards Attack and Special Attack as it's already got a good speed stat.

-Dazzling Gleam/Moon last
-Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball

Gardevoirs moveset provides coverage against it's weakness to ghost and Dark types.
Super Train to max Special Attack and Speed for sweeping.

-Shadow Claw
-Iron Head/Gyro Ball
-Kings Shield
-Sacred Sword

It's too broken for explanation lol

-Solar Beam
-Air Slash
-Sunny Day(Since you will be using Charizard X which doesn't have the Drought Ability)

Pretty Good overall.Just watch out for the quadruple weakness to rock types,but that's why you have sunny day and solar beam.

-Aura Sphere
-Close Combat
-Poison Jab
-Swords Dance

Poison Jab is there as a surprise factor.It could help out against Valerie's gym if Aegislash(which will be a Doublade at the time) can't handle it

-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide
-Draco Meteor/Sword Dance

Garchomp is naturally attack based so I would recommend using swords dance instead of Draco meteor to set up a sweep,since garchomp is naturally fast.

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STARTER: Chesnaught!
Moves: Seed Bomb, Hammer Arm, Poison Jab, then your choice
MEGA: Gardevoir!
Moves: Moonblast, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball
SURFER: Lanturn!
Moves: Surf, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Waterfall(only cause I need someone to have the move lol)
FLYER: Talonflame!
Moves: Fly, Acrobatics, Flare Blitz, Flamethrower
Moves: Poison Jab, Crunch, Ice Fang, X-Scissor
Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Swords Dance

Now I know some of you guys probably want some different movesets to my Pokemon tbh that all depends on your personal preference these are just the Pokemon that got me through the game

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Do it YE$$$$!!!

- Hydro Pump
- Power Up Punch
- Night Slash
- Extrasensory

- Flare Blitz
- Air Slash
- Dragon Claw
- Steel Wing

- Dark Pulse
- Stored Power
- Double Team
- Work Up

- Night Slash
- Extrasensory
- Flamethrower
- Focus Blast

- Aura Sphere
- Blaze Kick
- Shadow Claw
- Dragon Pulse

- Brick Break
- Psycho Cut
- Leaf Blade
- Night Slash

Btw get a 2nd 3ds and get Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire so dat you can trade 4 breedin. Blaziken 4 Lucario’s Blaze Kick and Ninetails 4 Zoroark’s Extrasensory!!! DO IT RIGHT NOWWW!!!

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I went with the Fennekin route on my most previous playthrough of X.

  • Psychic
  • Shadow ball
  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Blast
  • Sludgebomb
  • Petal Blizzard
  • Cut
  • Frenzy Plant
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Claw
  • Crunch
  • Stone Edge
  • Fly
  • Flying Press
  • Roost
  • High Jump Kick
  • Ice Beam
  • Surf
  • Waterfall
  • Thunder
  • Iron Head
  • Foul Play
  • Slash
  • Swords Dance
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Ok, here's one I'm currently working on & I'm open to suggestions. I just restarted my Y game & I'm currently working on an in-game team that's more suited to double battles, so I'm either trying to have a balance of attack and support pokémon, or they can work as both. It's also partly an anti-competitive team so, while I'm not opposed to OUs or Ubers, I'm mostly trying out pokémon & natures that go against what Smogon and most competitive players suggest (also no legendaries). Anyway, here are the pokémon I know for sure will be on my team so far

  1. Braixen @ Eviolite/Charcoal/Passho Berry

     Nature: Rash
     Ability: Blaze
           - Psychic/Psyshock
           - Flamethrower
           - Flame Charge
           - Lucky Chant/Double TeamLight Screen/Magic Room

    The eviolite is to boost Braixen's defenses while the other items are to help give it extra coverage in a battle. While Braixen will be more of a special attacker, I thought Flame Charge would be good to give it an extra Speed boost. I'm still not sure about the fourth move though, so I thought of a few status moves that I thought would work the best

  2. Gogoat @Leftovers

     Nature: Bashful
     Ability: Sap Sipper
           - Horn Leech
           - Earthquake/Bulldoze
           - Surf
           - Milk Drink

    Gogoat would be both an attack and support pokémon. I was thinking of it having equal Physical and Special Attack stats while also knowing Milk Drink to help heal my teammates either in the overworld or in double battles. It would also know Surf and one of the two ground moves to help deal with Fire types. Earthquake is obviously powerful, but I was also thinking of Bulldoze to lower my opponents' Speed.

  3. Swanna @Wacan Berry

     Nature: Adamant
     Ability: Big Pecks
           - Fly/Steel Wing
           - Scald
           - Brave Bird
           - Roost/Tailwind

    I wanted to try using an Adamant Swanna since most competitive battlers run this pokémon as a Special Attacker. I'm also super training it to have strong ATK, SPEED, & DEF so it can take out opponents faster and won't take as much recoil damage from Brave Bird. Scald would be a good Water move due to the Burn effect, and I'm debating either using Roost as a healing move or Tailwind to boost my team's speed during double battles.

These are a few pokémon I'm debating on including on my team. I'm kind of looking for a mega attacker & two support/defensive pokémon to help round off my team since the ones I have seem to be decent attackers. I'm also open to any other suggestions as well.
A. Meowstic (M) @Light Clay

    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Infiltrator
          - Thunder Wave/Misty Terrain/Charm
          - Disarming Voice/Shadow Ball
          - Reflect/Light Screen
          - Quick Guard/Assist

B. Ferrothorn @Rocky Helmet

    Nature: Relaxed
    Ability: Iron Barbs
          - Stealth Rock
          - Power Whip
          - Gyro Ball/Iron Head
          - Thunder Wave/Rock Polish/Sunny Day

C. Hippowdon @--

    Nature: Impish
    Ability: Infiltrator
          - Stealth Rock
          - Earthquake
          - Crunch
          - Sunny Day

D. Gengar @Gengarite

    Nature: Mild/Modest
    Ability: Levitate
          - Hypnosis/Confuse Ray
          - Shadowball
          - Dark Pulse
          - Focus Blast

E. Aurorus @Quick Claw

    Nature: Mild
    Ability: Refrigerate
          - Thunder Wave
          - Freeze-Dry
          - Ancient Power
          - Substitute/Hyper Beam

F. Garchomp @Garchompite

    Nature: Adamant/Brave
    Ability: Sand Veil
          - Swords Dance
          - Dragon Rush/Dragon Claw
          - Dig/Earthquake
          - Poison Jab/Iron Tail/Iron Head
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Note - This team is sort of like a hard mode. It's not the easiest to play with, and it's meant to be played on Set mode. I would only recommend this team for experienced players who want a new play through to be more challenging.

Chestnaught w/Miracle Seed
Catch Location: Given as Starter
Item Location: Route 7/Couriway Town
Ability: Overgrow

• Seed Bomb (Lvl. 35)
• Brick Break (TM - Terminus Mine Shaft)
• Bulk Up (Lvl. 44)
• Wood Hammer (Lvl. 55)

Chesnaught is on here for two reasons: He's a tank with good attack, and he's hard to use due to being a Grass type. The main strategy with him is to use Bulk Up and then Brick Break for anything weak to Fighting, Seed Bomb for anything weak or neutral to Grass, or Bulk Up and Wood Hammer for anything that needs a real hit to KO.

Aegislash w/Leftovers
Catch Location: Route 6 as Honedge
Evolution Stone Location: Terminus Cave 2F/Team Flare Grunt, Laverne Town, pre-Elite Four
Item Location: Route 12, Requires HM Cut
Ability: Stance Change

• Shadow Claw (TM - Glittering Cave)
• Iron Head (Lvl. 42)
• Sacred Sword (Lvl. 47)
• King's Shield (Learned as Doublade at 51-55)

Aegislash has ok speed, with good attack and a good typing. Shadow Claw takes care of Ghost/Psychic, Iron Head will take care of any Poison types when Gardevoir can't, and Sacred Sword and Kong's Shield make a good combo. You can get a Dusk Stone at either location, and I couldn't find a definite level on King's Sheild, so that could be replaced with Swords Dance if you don't want to wait til early-mid 50's to evolve.

Charizard w/Charizardite
Catch Location: Given as a gift after defeating Prof. Sycamore
Item Location: Given as a gift after defeating Prof. Sycamore
Ability: Blaze

• Wing Attack to Dragon Claw (Wing Attack - Lvl. 36) [Dragon Claw - TM - Victory Road
• Fly (HM - Part of story of attaining Plant Badge)
• Flamethrower (Lvl. 47)
• Dig (TM - Shalour City Pokémart, $10,000)

Easy pick. Flamethrower takes care of Grass and the Ice difficulty faced by three separate members, Fly is one of the best Flying Moves in the game for taking care of Fighting and Grass, and Dig is for Electric types since no other member can take care of them until much later. Wing Attack is if you need a faster Flying move, and it has good power. It's kind of a wild card, and it could be replaced. Mega-Evolve if you like that or need it, otherwise, I would recommend finding the Flame Plate or Charcoal.

Gardevoir w/Quick Claw
Catch Location: Route 4 as Ralts
Item Location: Lumiose City, office building across from Picture Café
Ability: Synchronize
• Magical Leaf (Lvl. 22)
• Calm Mind (Lvl. 33)
• Psychic (Lvl. 40)
• Shadow Ball (TM - Terminus Cave)

Pretty basic. Calm Mind, then Psychic or Shadow Ball. Shadow Ball is for Ghost types when Aegislash can't be used, and Magical Leaf is a two parter, being a good Grass type move early on, and a place holder due to any other good move being too late in the game. The Mind Plate also works but Gardevoir is fragile, so it's better if you have a chance of goin first automatically.

Tyrantrum w/ Hard Rock
Catch Location: Gifted as Fossil in Glittering Cave
Item Location: Granite Cave
Ability: Big Jaws

• Dragon Tail (Lvl. 30)
• Dragon Claw (Lvl. 37)
• Earthquake (Lvl. 47)
• Stealth Rock (Lvl. 15)

This is a rough one. Tyrantrum is your best defense against Dragon types, which is the main reason he's on the team. Stealth Rock is there mainly because of switch-in's being annoying in this game, and also for Flying types. Earthquake is the better Earth type move, but it comes late in the game, so it could be swapped for a Dig TM until you learn it.

Raichu w/ Magnet
Catch Location: Santalune Forest as Pikachu
Evolution Stone Location: Back of Rock-Filled section of Route 10
Item Location: Kalos Power Plant
Ability: Static

• Thunderbolt (Lvl. 29)
• Electro Ball (Lvl. 18)
• Slam (Lvl. 26)
• Nuzzle (Lvl. 23)

The best Flying type defense. Learns Thunderbolt fairly early, one of the few to learn Nuzzle, and is fairly fast so Electro Ball is pretty useful. All in all, a solid team member, if fragile.

Doublade doesn't learn Kings Shield...
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Pokemon Y Team- Delphox, Venusaur, Lanturn, Aerodactyl, Sylveon and Aegislash


Shadow Ball
Dazzling Gleam/Grass Knot/Will-o-Wisp/Toxic

The starter, and an oddly hated starter for some reason. I mean, come on guys, at least it's not Emboar (a Fire/Fighting starter, that's never been done before!), right? Flamethrower and Psychic for it's STAB attacks, followed by Shadow Ball for a nice coverage option. Dazzling Gleam can be useful against Dark and Dragon types that could give it trouble. Grass Knot can help against Rock, Ground, and Water types. Will-o-Wisp or Toxic can be used if you want it's last slot for a status condition.


Energy Ball/Petal Dance
Sludge Bomb/Venoshock
Toxic/Leech Seed

Energy Ball or Petal Dance can be Grass STAB, depending on if you want consistency or power more. Sludge Bomb or Venoshock can be Poison STAB, and Venoshock can work well if you have Toxic on your moveset. I would say also put Earthquake on Venusaur for coverage. For the last slot, you can give Venusaur Toxic, as it will never miss if used by a Poison type in this generation. You can also use Leech Seed if you want some health recovery.


Ice Beam
Thunder Wave

Lanturn is a great Pokemon with an amazing typing, and a great ability in Volt Absorb. Surf and Thunderbolt are really good STAB moves, Ice Beam is great and rounds out the BoltBeam coverage. Thunder Wave is one of the best status moves in the game.


Stone Edge
Crunch/Thunder Fang/Dragon Claw

Fly and Stone Edge are both great STAB options for Aerodactyl. Earthquake is there because having another Pokemon know the best move in the game is never a bad option. For the last slot, you can use Crunch for coverage against Psychic and Ghost types, or Thunder Fang against Water types. Dragon Claw can also be used since it's nice to be able to combat Dragon types, although with Fairy types being introduced in this game, it's not as necessary.


Light Screen

Sylveon is a great Eeveelution, and one of the best types in the game. Moonblast is obvious STAB, Psyshock is there for coverage and to hit Pokemon with high Special Defense. Reflect and Light Screen are there for some nice support.


Iron Head/Flash Cannon
Shadow Ball/Shadow Claw/Shadow Sneak
Sacred Sword
King's Shield

Iron Head or Flash Cannon can be used as STAB. Shadow Ball or Shadow Claw/Sneak can be used as STAB. If you go with a physical STAB, go with the special STAB on the other type. For example, if you go with Iron Head, also go with Shadow Ball. The reason I say this is because Aegislash has a magnificent 150 base Attack and Special Attack. Don't let those stats go to waste! Sacred Sword is a great move to be used for coverage. King's Shield is a must have because it's part of the reason Aegislash is so great.

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Pokemon X Team- Greninja, Charizard, Jolteon, Lucario, Goodra and Gardevoir


Ice Beam
Dark Pulse/Night Slash
Acrobatics/Waterfall/Extrasensory/Hydro Pump

Ah, good old Greninja. My favorite Water type Pokemon and favorite starter of all. Surf for STAB, and Ice Beam for coverage to start off. Dark Pulse or Night Slash can be used for Dark STAB depending if you wanna go the physical or special route. For the last slot, Acrobatics or Extrasensory can be used as coverage options. Waterfall or Hydro Pump can be used for additional Water STAB if you want. Since Greninja is a mixed attacker, I would recommend taking advantage of both special and physical attacking moves.


Dragon Claw

The most popular Pokemon in existence, with only Mewtwo and maybe Pikachu coming close in popularity, we have Charizard. And since this is Pokemon X, we have it's stellar Mega Charizard X evolution! A black Fire/Dragon type with blue flames, with solid speed and incredible attacking stats and a stellar movepool to boot! Could you ask for anything more? Well tbh the Ground immunity turning into a weakness is kinda weaksauce, but at least no 4x Stealth Rock problem right? Anyways, Flamethrower for STAB, Fly for it's non-Mega STAB and helpfulness in getting around the region, and Dragon Claw for it's Mega STAB. Earthquake is coverage and never a bad idea to have on multiple Pokemon, being arguably the best move in the game.


Charge Beam/Volt Switch/Hidden Power
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave

Jolteon, as an Eeveelution, as an Electric type, and as a Pokemon in general, faces steep competition. However, it outshines all, being my favorite Eeveelution and one of my top 10 favorite Pokemon. Amazing stats (especially that blistering speed and wicked special attack), killer ability that gives it an immunity to Electric moves, and it being the best type in the game are all reasons Jolteon is the ideal Electric type, and Electric is also the best type on top of that! Jolteon's only downside is it's movepool is kind of shallow, but it still works. Thunderbolt is STAB, Charge Beam is for set-up, Volt Switch is utility, and Hidden Power is a guarenteed 60 BP coverage move that you should use if you get a good type (Ice, Grass, Water). Shadow Ball is coverage, and is buffed from this generation onwards. Thunder Wave rounds out the set nicely and is one of the best status moves in the game.


Aura Sphere
Close Combat
Flash Cannon
Stone Edge/Extremespeed

Yeah, this team is full of arguably "overrated" Pokemon, but the Pokemon I chose for this team are all popular for very good reasons, due to their good design, stats, moves, and overall usability. Lucario is very popular and no exception to anything I said in the previous sentence. Anyways, Aura Sphere and Close Combat for STAB, since no other Pokemon on the team really has a fighting move, so having both physical and special STAB is nice. Flash Cannon is also STAB, and no longer redundant coverage as of this generation since Steel hits the OP Fairy type for super effective damage, so Flash Cannon can be very useful. Stone Edge is a nice move, since there isn't a Rock move on the team, but Extremespeed can be used if you want, and has some nice priority.


Dragon Pulse
Sludge Bomb

Goodra here takes the spot of "cutest Psuedo Legendary Pokemon" from Dragonite who held said title for 5 generations. It should feel proud! Besides being one of the cutest and most adorable final stage evolutions, Goodra has excellent stats by nature of being a psuedo-legendary. Dragon Pulse is STAB, Sludge Bomb is coverage against Fairy types (plus Goodra has better Sp. Attack than Attack), and Earthquake is always nice to have, especially since TM's are infinite in this game. Toxic is a great stalling move as Goodra has some really great resistances to Fire, Water, and Electric, as well as a potential immunity to Grass if you get Sap Sipper as the ability (which you definitely should). Plus Goodra evolves at level 50 so it's a very reasonable evolution level. Unlike the psuedo-legendary from the generation before who doesn't evolve until practically level 100...


Shadow Ball
Focus Blast/Energy Ball

Gardevoir is an amazing Psychic type, who gains the excellent Fairy sub typing, as well as an awesome Mega evolution in this game. Psychic and Moonblast are STAB. Shadow Ball is a good coverage option that nails Gardevoir's Ghost weakness and hits many types for good neutral damage, as Dark is the only type that resists Ghost from this game forth. Focus Blast can be used in the last slot for coverage, or you can go with Energy Ball instead if you wish, since this team is lacking a Grass type, and one of the E4 members is a Water trainer.

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This is a team that I am currently trying out for my Pokemon Y play through, so here it goes! Note: I am soft resetting for natures and using Super Training for the EVs. this is completely optional, but will help you in the future.

The starter should be obvious for this will be a team based on the water starter Froakie:

Nature: Hasty/Naive
4ATk / 252SpA / 252Spe
Ability: Torrent
- Surf (HM03)
-Waterfall (HM05)
- Ice Beam (obtained after beating Wulfric in Snowbelle City)
-Dark Pulse (Route 16)

Greninja's EVs and nature allow him to be a specially biased mixed attacker. This set also turns Greninja into an HM slave to help you traverse through the Kalos region. some other moves can be used instead such as night slash (for critical hits) or even Extrasensory (for a fighting type coverage option).

and for my Kanto starter, I chose Bulbasaur:

[email protected]
Nature: Relaxed/Bold
EVs: 252HP / 252Def / 4SpA
Ability: Overgrow (Thick Fat after mega evolving)
- Leech Seed (comes with Bulbasaur)
- Synthesis (Level 45)
- Energy Ball/Petal Dance (Route 20/Level 32)
- Sludge Bomb (Route 19)

It's kind of a shame Venusaur doesn't get Giga Drain like I thought without breeding... but Mega-Venusaur still has a lot of versatility behind it, and a lot of healing power. Leech Seed helps with a passive recovery (since you can't hold leftovers) and Synthesis is a last resort. Energy Ball on Mega-Venusaur is preferred due to no confusion drawbacks and a potential SpDef drop, but Petal Blizzard just has more power. Sludge Bomb is reliable STAB for Mega-Venusaur with a really nice 30% poison rate. On my Venusaur I got a relaxed nature, but Bold is preferred to not drop your speed.

Next up is really easy to find, and really powerful late game (shame I can't get the HA tho until post game)... but here is teammate #3, Fletchling:

Nature: Naive/Hasty/Jolly
252Atk / 4SpA / 252 Spe
Ability: Flame Body
- Fly (HM02)
- Flamethrower/Flare Blitz (Anistar City Pokemart/Move Relearner)
- Roost (level 25 as Fletchinder)
- Swords Dance/Return (Lumiose Pokemart/Route 4)

Talonflame is one Pokemon that you should definitely get your hands on! with Blazing speed, and a decent 81/74 offense, Talonflame is meant for a quick sweep. Fly is also helpful to get you around Kalos in a flash. Flare Blitz is a strong Fire STAB option Talonflame has to offer with his base 81 ATk, but Flamethrower is a weaker alternative if you don't like recoil. Roost helps a lot especially if you are using Flare Blitz, and Swords Dance can help boost your attack to Sky High levels. Return is an alternative if you decide to run Flamethrower.

The next 2 Pokemon are found in the same area (route 6) being Honedge and Espurr. Note: I recommend getting a female Espurr due to how Meowstic-F is more offensive than Meowstic-M (and Meowstic-M is only good with his HA Prankster).

Nature: Adamant/Brave/Sassy
252HP / 252ATk / 6SpD (or alternatively 252 HP / 6Atk / 252 SpD)
Ability: Stance Change
- Swords Dance (Learned as Honedge)
- Kings Shield (i think it gets this from evolving from Doublade, but if not, then Move Relearner)
- Shadow Sneak (Level 20 as Honedge)
- Sacred Sword/Toxic (Move Relearner or lv 51 as Doublade/Route 14)

Aegislash is not only an offensive powerhouse, but also a fortified wall! When I say this Pokemon slays, it SLAYS. Swords Dance is the initial set up move that brings Aegislash's Attack really high, allowing it to hit HARD with moves such as Shadow Sneak (for priority), and Sacred Sword (which can also ignore any of the opponent's defense boosts). Kings Shield allows Aegislash to revert back into its tanky form, and punishes Attackers who make contact by lowering their attack by 2 stages. Toxic is an alternative if you are running a Sassy nature for stalling.

Nature: Modest/Timid
252 SpA / 4SpD / 252 Spe
Ability: Infiltrator/Keen Eye
- Psychic/Psyshock (Level 40/Level 25)
- Shadow Ball (Level 31)
- Thunderbolt/Signal Beam (Lumiose Gym/Level 45)
- Charge Beam/Calm Mind (Level 28/Anistar Gym)

Meowstic is a Pokemon I have been debating for a while, and Meowstic is not what it seems. Sure it does have undesirable stats, but its move pool is colossal. Psychic or Psyshock are used as the Psychic type STAB options and Shadow Ball is primarily for Ghost type coverage that can also hit other Psychics. Thunderbolt is a strong coverage move used to hit a wider variety of Pokemon, while Signal beam is used to deal with opposing dark types. Charge beam works same as Thunderbolt, but it can raise your SpAttack, but Calm Mind does the same but also with SpDef. Remember, this set only works with FEMALE Espurr

Last but not least, we have our fossil Pokemon. This one has been my favorite since I first saw it. Here is the 6th member of the Pokemon Y team, Tyrunt:

Nature: Adamant/Jolly
252Atk / 4Def / 252Spe
Ability: Strong Jaw
- Stone Edge (Frost Cavern)
- Dragon Claw (Level 37 as Tyrunt)
- Earthquake (Level 47)
- Crunch (Level 34 as Tyrunt)

Tyrantrum is the King of all Fossil Pokemon, and for a good reason. Tyrantrum's Ability, and high attack help it perform as a class A wall breaker. Stone Edge is Tyrantrum's main STAB option, and hits Ice Types for super effective damage. Dragon Claw is also really strong and helps target in game threats such as Elite four Drasna, and even Diantha's Goodra. Earthquake is coverage and a strong move anyway, and Crunch is another coverage option that is boosted by Strong Jaw.

This team I believe will work well for me in my Pokemon Y play through, but the team is still in development. I also realize that there are better options for some Pokemon (for example Gardevoir over Meowstic-F). This team will also be a little more challenging without Super Training and nature picking, but it is a play through. I hope this team will probably be somewhat useful.

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Used this team in X.No version exclusives.

1.Greninja@Mystic Water

  • Water Shuriken (STAB)
  • Double Team (Evaisvness Raises)
  • Aerial Ace (Coverage)
  • Dark Pulse (STAB)


2.Salamence@Rocky Helmet

  • Dragon Claw (STAB)
  • Fly (STAB & Travel)
  • Steel Wing (Coverage)
  • Crunch (Power)


3.Rotom@Wide Lens

  • Overheat (STAB)
  • Thunderbolt (STAB)
  • Hex (Power)
  • Toxic (Wittling down Pokémon)



  • Body Slam (STAB)
  • Surf (Travel)
  • Heavy Slam (Power)
  • Shadow Ball (Dealing with Ghosts)


5.Gengar@Black Sludge

  • Shadow Ball (STAB)
  • Sludge Bomb (STAB)
  • Dazzling Gleam (Coverage)
  • Will o’ Wisp (Burn)


6.Lucario@Black Belt

  • Aura Sphere (STAB)
  • Flash Cannon (STAB)
  • Extreme Speed (Priority)
  • Dig (Travel)
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Here`s a good team for X/Y

Greninja @ N/A
Type: Water/ Dark
Ability: Torrent
Nature (Optional): Hasty

- Surf/ Scald/ Waterfall (STAB, Early Moves: Bubble, Water Pulse)
- Night Slash / Dark Pulse (STAB) (Early Moves: Feint Attack)
- Ice Beam/ U-turn (Coverage)
- Acrobatics/ Extrasensory/ Grass Knot (Coverage)

Pokemon 2: Gallade @ Black Belt
Type: Psychic/ Fighting
Ability: Steadfast
Nature (Optional): Adamant/ Jolly

- Psycho Cut (STAB, Early Moves: Confusion)
- Close Combat/ Brick Break (STAB)
- Leaf Blade (Coverage)/ Swords Dance (Set up)
- Earthquake (Coverage)

Pokemon 3: Charizard @ Charizardite X/Y
Type: Fire/ Flying (Normal/ Mega Y), Fire/Dragon (Mega X)
Ability: Blaze (Normal), Tough Claws (Mega X), Drought (Mega Y)
Nature (Optional): Hasty/ Naive

Mega X:
- Flamethrower/ Fire Blast (STAB, Early Moves: Ember)
- Fly (STAB as Normal and Movement)
- Dragon Claw (STAB as Mega)
- Earthquake/ Brick Break (Coverage)

Mega Y:
- Flamethrower/ Fire Blast (STAB)
- Air Slash (STAB)
- Fly (Movement)
- Solar Beam (Coverage)

Pokemon 4: Gogoat @ Big Root
Type: Grass
Ability: Sap Sipper
Nature (Optional): Adamant

- Leaf Blade (STAB, Early Moves: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb)
- Earthquake (Coverage)
- Brick Break (Coverage)/ Bulk Up (Set up)
- Horn Leech (STAB, Recovery)

Pokemon 5: Sylveon @ N/A
Type: Fairy
Ability: Cute Charm
Nature (Optional): Modest

- Moonblast/ Dazzling Gleam (STAB, Early Moves: Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss)
- Psyshock (Coverage)
- Calm Mind/ Light Screen (Set up)
- Shadow Ball (Coverage)

Pokemon 6: Nidoking @ Soft Sand
Type: Poison/ Ground
Ability: Poison Point
Nature (Optional): Adamant

- Poison Jab (STAB)
- Earthquake (STAB, Early Moves: Bulldoze/ Dig)
- Brick Break/ Thrash
- Rock Slide/ Megahorn

So there you have it! hopefully you have fun with this team if you decide to use it, bye!

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Team Preview:

Delphox @ Expert Belt
Ability - Blaze
Recommended Nature - Modest (+Sp. Att, - Att)

  • Flamethrower (Level 42)
  • Psychic (Level 51) / Psyshock (Level 34)
  • Shadow Ball (Move Reminder/TM30 - Terminus Cave)
  • Grass Knot (TM86 - Gift from Ramos)

I was honestly disappointed when I saw what Braixen evolved into, but over time I've gotten over it. But Delphox is probably the best starter for an in-game team, if not just behind Greninja. It has amazing match-ups throughout the game, a solid movepool and great stats. Flamethrower is STAB, as are Psychic and Psyshock (which one you want is up to you), Shadow Ball covers her Ghost weakness, and Grass Knot covers her Rock, Ground and Water weaknesses.

Roserade @ Big Root
Ability - Natural Cure
Recommended Nature - Timid (+Spe, -Att)

  • Petal Dance (Level 37 as Roselia) / Energy Ball (TM53 - Route 20)
  • Sludge Bomb (TM36 - Route 19)
  • Giga Drain (Level 25 as Roselia)
  • Shadow Ball (TM30 - Terminus Cave)

While Venusaur is definiteky a better option for a Grass/Poison-type, given it's superior bulk and having a Mega, I decided to use Roserade because I felt like it. Besides, Roserade has better Special Attack and Speed than Venusaur, even in it's Mega. Petal Dance is a great STAB, but if you don't like the confusion, Energy Ball is a great choice, Sludge Bomb is STAB (Venoshock is another option, and is very effective if you decide to run Toxic Spikes, but Sludge Bomb is more immediately effective), Giga Drain helps Roserade stay healthy and Shadow Ball covers her Psychic weakness.

Scrafty/Pangoro @ Wide Lens
Ability - Moxie (Scrafty) / Iron Fist (Pangoro)
Recommended Nature - Adamant (+Att, -Sp. Att)

  • Crunch (Level 38 - Scrafty/Level 42 - Pangoro)
  • High Jump Kick (Level 31 - Scrafty) / Hammer Arm (Level 57 - Pangoro)
  • Stone Edge (TM71 - Frost Cavern)
  • Poison Jab (TM84 - Shalour City Pokémart)

Scrafty and Pangoro both have the Dark/Fighting-type, as well as similar moves and appear on the same Route. Scrafty has less Attack and evolves later, but has higher defenses and, in my opinion, a better ability in Moxie. Scrafty also has access to the amazing High Jump Kick which, with Wide Lens, is an amazing move with little drawbacks. Honestly, the one you choose is really up to you, as they are both really good. I went with Scrafty because I like it more. Crucnh is STAB, High Jump Kick and Hammer Arm are STAB (Hammer Arm gets Iron Fist boosted), Stone Edge covers their Flying-weaknesses and Poison Jab covers their Fairy weaknesses.

Haxorus @ Lucky Egg
Ability - Mold Breaker
Recommended Nature - Jolly (+Spe, -Sp. Att)

  • Outrage (Level 66) / Dragon Claw (Level 28)
  • Dragon Dance (Level 32)
  • Brick Break (TM31 - Terminus Cave)
  • Poison Jab (TM84 - Shalour City Pokémart)

Haxorus is such a cool Pokémon, definitely one of the best designed Pokémon ever. He has titanic Attack and pretty good Speed (although 97 base Speed is quite an awkward number, in-game is usually doesn't matter, since your normally higher leveled than most in-game trainers), as well as a pretty good movepool. Outrage pretty much destroys everything, but the confusion can be off-putting, so Dragon Claw is also a good option, Dragon Dance buffs up his Attack and Speed, allowing for very easy sweeps, Brick Break covers his Ice weakness and Poison Jab covers his Fairy weakness.

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Ability - Water Absorb
Recommended Nature - Modest (+Sp. Att, -Att)

  • Surf (HM03 - Gift from Calem/Serena in Shalour City)
  • Ice Beam (TM13 - Gift from Wulfric)
  • Scald (TM55 - Couriway Town) / Shadow Ball (TM30 - Terminus Cave)
  • Aqua Ring (Level 25)

To this day, Vaporeon is still one of the best designed Pokémon, in my opinion at least. Definitely a Generation 1 Pokémon that has survived the test of time. It has great HP, Special Attack and Special Defense, and while her movepool is a bit lacking, she has the moves that she needs to do well. Surf is STAB and gets you across Water, Ice Beam covers her Grass weakness, Scald is another STAB that has a good chance to burn, whereas Shadow Ball is for a little more coverage, and Aqua Ring allows her to remain healthy.

Staraptor @ Shell Bell
Ability - Intimidate
Recommended Nature - Jolly (+Spe, -Sp. Att)

  • Brave Bird (Level 49)
  • Close Combat (Level 34)
  • U-Turn (TM89 - Couriway Town)
  • Fly (HM02 - Gift from Professor in Coumarine City) / Facade (TM42 - Dendimille Town)

Staraptor is such a great Pokémon. It was a monster in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, and is still amazing in XY, definitely one of the best, if not the best Flying-types available. It has a great movepool, especially for a regional bird, and great Attack and Speed. Brave Bird is STAB and Shell Bell helps you recover a bit of recoil damage, Close Combat covers his Rock and Ice weaknesses, as well as Steel-types, U-Turn allows Staraptor to switch out in a pinch while dealing some damage, Fly can get you around quickly, and Facade is great is Staraptor gets a status.

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Best Possible Team for Kalos
Greninja - Starter, No Item (Torrent)
-Surf->Waterfall (Stab, Flinch Chance)
-Thief->Night Slash (Stab, Increased Crits)
-Acrobatics (Coverage, Base 110 Power)
-Extrasensory (Coverage, Flinch Chance)

Talonflame - Route 1, No Item (Flame Body, you can use this to hatch eggs)
-Flare Blitz (Stab, just be cautious)
-Acrobatics (Stab, Base 110 Power)
-Steel Wing (Coverage)
-Roost (Healing)

Gallade Route 4, Assault Vest (Steadfast)
I know this is my favorite Pokémon, but it just does so good against Team Flare
-Psycho Cut (Stab, Increased Crits)
-Close Combat (Stab, Base 120 Power)
-Night Slash (Coverage, Increased Crits)
-Leaf Blade (Coverage, Increased Crits)
Aegislash Route 6, Lagging Tail
I don’t think so need to dive much into this, as you probably know that it is in Ubers
-King’s Shield (Protection, use this every other turn)
-Shadow Claw (Stab, Increased Crits)
-Iron Head (Stab, Increased Crits)
-Sacred Sword (Coverage)

Heliolisk Route 9, Leftovers (Dry Skin)
-Thunderbolt (Stab, Paralysis Chance)
-Surf (Coverage, Hits all in the field)
-Volt Switch (Other Stab, Getting out quick)
-Rain Dance (Setup for Surf and HP Regen)

Tyrantrum Jaw Fossil, No Item (StrongJaw)
-Dragon Claw (Stab)
-Stone Edge (Stab, Increased Crits)
-Crunch (Coverage, Strong Jaw Boost)
-Stealth Rock (Setup as Entry Hazard)

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So my team in kalos region is :
1.)[email protected](no held item)
-Ice Beam (TM-Snowbelle city)
-Surf (HM)
-Acrobatics (TM)
-Night Slash
2.)[email protected] X
-Flame Burst
-Wing Attack
*Dont ask why Strength, I need it to push a boulder and I hate it
3.)[email protected] Plate/Pixie plate
-Thunderbolt (TM)
-Calm mind
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
4.)[email protected] Helmet/Prism berry
[email protected] Belt
-Flying Press
-High Jump Kick
-Fly (HM)
-Sky Attack
6.)[email protected] Rock/Sitrus berry
-Shadow sneak
-Sword dance
-Iron head / King Shield
-Sacred Sword
To fight elite four my strategy is using Krookodile or Greninja to fight first Elite four (Fire type), then using Krookodile or Charizard again to fight second Elite four (Steel type), then using Krookodile again with outrage or gardevoir (Dragon Type), and then for the final elite four(Water type)im using Gardevoir, Use Calm mind 2-3 times then spam Thunderbolt, for the champion Diantha Use Aegislash for Diantha Mega Gardevoir but be careful, Diantha gardevoir have Shadow ball so yeah my tips is use sword dance 2 times then use full restore or max potion, Use charizard to defeat diantha aegislash, use krookodile to defeat diantha tyrantum, use hawlucha to defeat diantha amaurasaurus and then use gardevoir to defeat diantha goodra