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If a Pokemon gains a level using the Exp. Share, will it gain as much stat boosts as a Pokemon gaining a level naturally, or less stat boosts?


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Do you mean if it gains the same amount of EVs? If so, yes. E.g. you defeat a Bidoof with the Exp. Share on. Whether that Bidoof gives 1000 exp. or 10 exp., it will still give 1 HP EV to all Pokemon that can experience.

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Are you sure there are EVs in XY if there is Super Training?
Yes, pretty sure. All Pokemon gain EVs from battling, it's just that super training will allow you to properly EV train without having to tirelessly run through patches of grass to find the right Pokemon.
okay. that makes sense.
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I haven't noticed a difference although I have been rotating to keep everyone even. You can turn the xp share off which I am assuming is because it gives EVs to all your pokes, and you could accidentally add evs you don't want on certain Pokemon. At least that is what I would consider logical, especially considering the older xpshares gave both pokes the full amount of evs.
I usually usually use proteins, and the other roids to max the evs/stats I want