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  1. Does Dedenne get a evolution or is it just as useless as pachirisu?

  2. Is it possible to get a light orb from the pikachus in the beginning?
    I caught like 16 pikachus none of them are holding the light orb :C.

Competitively, yes they're not good, but in-game:
1. Dedenne is not useless; it has a dragon *immunity*, and the ever coveted Pick Up.
2. Pachirisu is far from useless; Charm, Light Screen then U-Turn out of there. We all know nearly no one knows that you can switch Pokemon to negate stat drops. Run Away is so much more useful than you'd think.

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To answer your first question, no, Dedenne does not get an evolution unfortunately.
(source: LINK)

Unfortunately I do not know the answer to your second question as I have not caught one holding a light orb either. Hope I've helped a bit.

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Yes it is possible to get a light orb from a pikachu but from what i've seen it is rare.And no dedene does not evolve but it is not usless as it has dragon immunity and it is better than Pachirisu
Hope I helped. :D